iPhone 5 WiFi Glitch Causes Verizon Customers to Blow Through Cell Data

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News Posted: Mon, Oct 1 2012 1:29 PM
The best way to save on your cell data usage is to switch your smartphone over to WiFi whenever you’re around a hotspot--unless you have a new iPhone 5 and are a Verizon Wireless customer, in which case a glitch apparently caused some phones to burn through the customer’s data allowance when it was supposed to be connected to a WiFi network.

We’d rather not imagine how much money that has cost some people in overage fees.

Apple iPhone 5 carrier update

The good news is that Apple released an update--Carrier Settings Update 13.1--that should resolve the issue. Under the About tab under Settings-->General on the iPhone 5, users will be prompted to install the update.

It’s not clear if the glitch has affected iPhone 5s on other carriers.
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Well, that's just stupid. My Android phone lets me turn off data altogether and sync *entirely* via WiFi. That's how I get along with a 50 Kb data plan. Yes, I said Kb - not Mb, not Gb. It costs me a flat $5/month, and I use it only when I am expecting to need data and there's no WiFi available. Of course, I'm not on Verizon, and I wouldn't touch an iPhone with a 20-foot pole.

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