Walmart Shows Amazon Kindle The Door

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News Posted: Thu, Sep 20 2012 2:01 PM
If you’re planning to pick up a Kindle Fire at Walmart, you’d better hurry. The retail giant won’t be bringing in any new shipments of Kindles, likely because it sees Amazon as encroaching on its digital retail space.

Amazon Kindle Fire 8.9

The do-not-carry list includes all Kindles, including the humble e-readers. Similar e-readers and tablets, including the iPad and Nook, aren’t expected to be pulled. Walmart may be distancing itself from a device that lets consumers shop Amazon’s website online, or it may be seeing consumer interest in other devices. Or both. In any event, Walmart is not the first to drop Amazon’s Kindle from its shelves – Target did so about a month ago.
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sevags replied on Thu, Sep 20 2012 3:12 PM

It's understandable.... I'm sure Walmart and others would be glad to carry the kindle at the reduced price if it was their shopping portal that was advertised on it so aggressively. If its digging into the sale of competing tablets with higher profit margines and not returning that revenue in other forms such as online shopping as it is doing for amazon it quickly becomes obvious why they wouldn't want to carry such a product which is then only good to bring in foot traffic.

Though I hate ads, Amazon should actually consider tayloring the advertising and product suggestions to also mirror each of the big retailers selling them like Walmart, target, maybe even Costco. Since they aren't trying to make their money on the sale of the kindle hardware it would stand to reason they would have no interest in that type of a setup especially since it would be aiding their etailor rivals. In the end amazon will probably be content with selling its kindles solely through their online portal if it came to that.

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