Why Linux Will Never Suffer From Viruses Like Windows

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Au contraire, MadPhil. I know for a fact my school logs logins in an SQL database. With one user account. From a VBS script. *tap tap tap*... 'oops' just wiped everyone's login history.

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realneil replied on Wed, Apr 24 2013 11:59 AM

Can you name ANY bios tool that doesn't require you to type the previous password before doing any change ?

Yup, the BIOS Reset Jumper on the motherboard does that quite handily.

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Clixxer replied on Wed, Apr 24 2013 10:38 PM


As there will always be rabid Linux skeptics.

Like pointing out servers are far less often targets than individual users and of course the obvious differences between server and consumer desktop software makes such comparisons obviously one sided.

Also, not all servers are set up with just the defaults and not all servers are equal targets or even equally maintained.

Not to mention ignoring that vulnerabilities like open ports, whether the systems are running anything legacy related, etc are things to watch out for regardless of what OS is running.

Having good or better defaults is just a good start, but with the ever increasing number of attacks security should be improved regardless of what level it's at. As no system is perfect and every security setup can be improved from its defaults.

Whether another OS is more vulnerable should never be the measure of satisfactory security! Unless you're only point is trash another OS in which case you're not talking about security but bragging rights!

Damn, well said.

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