Samsung Keeps Phablet Craze Alive With 5.5" Galaxy Note II

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News Posted: Mon, Sep 3 2012 8:26 AM
Does the world need any more phablets? Isn't it all just a craze? Evidently Samsung has reason to believe that the phablet craze is one that's profitable, and it's using that justification to launch the second iteration of the Galaxy Note. It's a device that can be looked at as a huge phone or a small tablet, but either way, millions of consumers have snapped it up. Now, the Galaxy Note II is going even larger, with a 5.5" HD Super AMOLED display, Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and additional S Pen (that's Samsung's stylus) functionality.

The new Note II has a 16:9 aspect ratio, which should be ideal for viewing those movie clips you've loaded up. Air View allows users to hover with the S Pen over an email, S Planner, image gallery, or video to preview the content without having to open it. This feature enables users to quickly search and see more information in one view without screen transitions. In addition, the device's new gesture pad feature, called Quick Command, lets users quickly activate frequently used apps with the S Pen. The command pad appears when a user just swipes upward on the screen with the S Pen button pressed. Users can quickly send an email, make a call, or search a location as they draw pre-registered marks on the command pad or register a unique mark to allow for quick and easy access.

Other specs include a 1.6GHz quad-core processor, HSPA+ or LTE radios, 16GB/32GB/64GB of built-in storage, a microSD slot, and a 3100mAh battery. There's also an 8MP rear-facing camera, 1.9MP front-facing camera, and options of Marble White or Titanium Gray when it comes to color. The phone should ship to most regions by the end of the year, but pricing is being kept a secret for now.
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fat78 replied on Mon, Sep 3 2012 11:40 AM

one please.

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realneil replied on Mon, Sep 3 2012 12:13 PM

It looks good to me,.....

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eunoia replied on Mon, Sep 3 2012 12:38 PM



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karanm replied on Mon, Sep 3 2012 5:57 PM

yup like eunoia said, don't need it but REALLY want!!

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sevags replied on Mon, Sep 3 2012 7:35 PM

Love the cpu! Hate the screen size! Are you serious?! This is better designed for a female user because they can more easily carry this size phone in their purse (it wouldn't fit in nearly all my jeans pockets) and the S pen makes it convenient to use without having your nails get in the way as without a stylus. What's the actual resolution of the screen? I read that the resolution is actually lower than that of the original note despite having a larger screen.

My final complain is why isn't Samsung releasing traditional colored phones?! I just want a regular black phone ai don't want pebble blue, slate gray, etc etc etc! Give me either black or just the raw metal please!!!!!!!!!

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rapid1 replied on Mon, Sep 3 2012 8:21 PM

I liked the last one and would have taken it for my smart phone upgrade but I do not get an upgrade until next may though. SO unless I wanted to pay some 5-600 for it it is not happening. This one however I watched the premier for this one and wow it ups it considerably. I use my smart phone as a phone which this one would be used as as well but it would be fine as well, much more useful as a GPS as well as a tablet (it would really ease it when I use it for credit cards especially with the digipen), and thats not to mention many other uses for the digipen (IE: quicknotes, telephone numbers etc, ideas etc).... I could really more and more see these becoming all the time devices. Yes it works as a phone and maybe it is a bit large as a phone but really I need a cell phone but I a do not make a ton of calls mostly check ins with home and Sarah depending on where I am and business when I am out from home. My home voip transfers to my cell if no on answers always. I could use one of these for a lot of things.

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Looks good to me really tempted but waiting to see what moto has to offer with its boarderless phone. That would be sick

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@sevags - Samsung can't make white or black phones, Apple has patented those colors. And putting *any* smartphone in your pants pocket is not a smart move. Get a holster, a $15 holster can protect your investment in the phone quite nicely. Yes, 5.5-inches is large for a phone, but small for a tablet, and I'd love to have one of these.

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sevags replied on Wed, Sep 5 2012 1:42 PM

Rtietjens.... Wait wait wait... Apple has NOT patented black or white phones, it may seem like they have patented everything but sorry color is not one of them. Now if your phone design already looks similar to anniphkne sure a white or black version would make it look even more so like an apple but apple was not the first phone to be released in black and it won't be the last but I could be the last from apple in a while since their new iphone5 looks to be made mainly of metal on the back rather than a color. Yes Samsung and anyone else can make a black phone. Explain why one of the Nokia Lumia options is the color black? Do you remember the HTC Google G1? Or a slew or phones since all colored in black???

Why is putting "any" smartphone in my pocket a wrong move? whoTF are you now Steve jobs telling me I'm holding my phone wrong now I'm storing it wrong? If you are making this claim because of possible radiation exposure to t gentitals I'll counter with two points 1) I really don't care, and 2) a hip holster wouldn't be much better. So let's stick to the reason you provided that a holster will keep it safe "nicely" Um since when did putting something in your pocket neccesarily mean you did so just to keep it safe? Pockets are for transportation and I don't want something that sticks out of my pocket and prevents me from putting additional items into it and have it be a pain to pull out. I would never ever wear a hip holster what am Ina 50 year old contractor carrying my phone around for work? What should I do next buy a 7-10" tablet and carry it around a fannypack everywhere I go?? As far as bumping into things go I'm far more likely to hip check a wall or table or something and break the phone brought the holster than in my pocket, I am also more likely to get the phone stolen out of my holster without noticing than if it were in my pocket. What about when I swear a suit? What about when I go hiking? What about when I go to a theme park especially with rollercoasters how is a hip holster going to keep it safe then? And you are forgetting three more important factors 1) a mandatory holster now drives up the cost even more 2) once you've put a case onto the phone will it even fit into a holster anymore, and 3) with the phone being this big how big would the holster need to be?! The size of a laptop case strapped to the side of my jeans?!?!?!?!

Sorry but a holster is not only not an option for MOST cell owners and we prefer to keep our gadget (as makes especially) in our pockets.

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sevags replied on Wed, Sep 5 2012 1:49 PM

Males eapexially*

Also no is mentioning the fact that the Note II's larger screen has less resolution than the Note I. Biggest deal breaker of all.

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