Microsoft Announces Portfolio of Xbox Live Games for Windows 8

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News Posted: Fri, Aug 31 2012 4:29 PM
As addictive as it was in the ‘90s, Solitaire isn’t going to cut it as the flagship game for Windows 8. In fact, no one game really will: Microsoft is making tons of games available. The plan is to bring Xbox Live games to Windows 8, so users can get their game on whether they’re using a desktop, laptop, or even a tablet. The company is releasing so many games for Windows 8 that it’s sending the games in waves.

As you might expect, the games will be tied tightly to Xbox Live, which means you’ll be able to keep track of Xbox Achievements, use multiplayer modes, and do other things that Xbox Live users are already able to do.

Studios large and small are on board with the plan, including Gameloft, Glu Mobile, Halfbrick Studios, Miniclip, Rovio, ZeptoLab, and of course, Microsoft Studios. Microsoft developed 29 of the games to be released in the first wave. Some of the titles you’ll see include Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, Reckless Racing Ultimate, and Zombies!!!

Oh, we almost forgot. Yes, Microsoft Solitaire Collection will in the first wave.
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More of a plaaystation fan because of rpg titles. I mean its good for the xbox fans to be moving forward with upgraded system

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JOMA replied on Sat, Sep 1 2012 8:50 AM
Being able to play the games on the PC is a good thing. I haven't used my XBOX in years but if some of the games were available on the PC I may be more interested.
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JDiaz replied on Mon, Sep 3 2012 2:44 PM

One of the rumors going for the Surface release is that they'll be offering something that will deal with the Halo 4 release for the XBox. No details were given but in my opinion it likely means they will allow online multi-player access for Windows RT/8 users.

Also, in my opinion, it's possible the $200 rumor could be possible if they offer a 2 year XBox Live Gold subscription. They won't fully make back the amount for the discount because the membership fee is pretty reasonable but they stand to make more money through sales through XBox Live. So we might see that discount offer because of this feature.

Meanwhile, the demonstration of the Unreal Engine 3 working on the Tegra 3 Asus RT tablet means performance is good enough that they can port at least some of the older games. Along with increasingly better system pricing means we can potentially see a nice boost to PC gaming coming over the next few years.

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