Guild Wars 2 Released; Developer Makes Waves with Naming and Social Policies

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News Posted: Tue, Aug 28 2012 3:56 PM
Guild Wars 2 has finally hit store shelves and the game, according to just about everyone, is a lot of fun. The full sequel to the popular game Guild Wars has been in development for a full five years; Guild Wars originally debuted in 2005. Today is the first day anyone could play; pre-orders were given a three day headstart that kicked off on the 25th. Like its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 is an MMO without a monthly subscription fee; character development and story arcs are handled by dynamic events rather than by static quests.

Early reviews point towards a strong story, interesting crafting system, and a streamlined form of the skills / profession system that was used in the original game. It's visually gorgeous and I have to admit, I've nearly been pressured into plunking down my own cash for it. Of course, it's launching barely a month before WoW's own Mists of Pandria is scheduled to launch; I've been spending more time in Azeroth of late, and we'll have data for you in the not-too-distant future.

One interesting (and humorous) event that's played out thus far is the game's naming/social policy. Members of the Arena.Net development team took to Reddit today to answer criticism from gamers who claimed they'd been banned for no reason. Players were invited to state their name and have the reason for the ban publicly published. Hilarity ensued.
Mind checking Invalidation?

Character Name: lol
Name: OK Chat -- Not Ok: "This isn't Africa, you don't adopt black kids."

I Am using the name niegromancer as a character name. Is this why i was given a 3 day blocked access
Yes, that is why your account was suspended.

My name is "The Skylar" ... Could you tell me what I did
Name: OK Chat: Not ok -- "wantting copper b**ches, eat d**k, GAAYYY
It goes on. And on. At least one fellow admitted that naming his character "Adolf Critler" wasn't very funny. While this sort of action inevitably brings on the "OMG FREE SPEECH" reactions, Arena.Net is a company, not the government. The rules of free speech in a public forum don't apply. It's also interesting to see how many people with inoffensive names apparently have no recollection of blatantly offensive things they spewed into public chat.

Arena.Net has said from the beginning that it wants GW2 to be a place that's inclusive and welcoming to everyone. One of the purposes of the Reddit thread, beyond amusing all of us, was to quickly inform players if their accounts had been hacked. The team has been extremely responsive with responses and notified a number of users of problems that weren't name related.
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Erakith replied on Tue, Aug 28 2012 4:17 PM

.. Thats fantastic. I love it when companies get engaged with community on Reddit.

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lipe123 replied on Tue, Aug 28 2012 6:01 PM

I love that they took a hard stance on the "normal" Internet behavior of players nowdays. Keep your foulmouth insults off the net :)

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semitope replied on Tue, Aug 28 2012 6:19 PM

its funny, and not in a good way. Especially that first one. Why would someone be banned for that? Did someone from riot move over to this game or something? Because they are the only company I am aware of that is exceptionally stupid with this kind of thing. Reading the reddit thread and some people make a good point.

Sure arenanet is not the government, but that shouldn't stop anyone from pointing out their BS when they see it. Profanity filters are there fore a reason and its even worse in a mmo than it is in league of legends. That chat is usually heavily populated and one person's freakout will be glossed over pretty quickly.

Its weird. I can't say people did no wrong, but they paid $60 for the game and Arenanet is just throwing them out for this type of crap. It's a terrible thing to do to paying customers IMO. you can take other measures to minimize the impact of what they say. I doubt tho that there is really an impact in what these people said in the MMO. Its more like someone thinks they should be banned on principle which is silly for a company to do.

at least these aren't permabans. Less retarded but i can easily understand the frustration from those who got hit. 

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rapid1 replied on Tue, Aug 28 2012 8:12 PM

Yeah GW arenanet has been sending me notices at all my emails I was a GW1 alpha and beta player it was a really cool concept. From what I understand so is GW2 as far as permaban goes I do think it should be there but more for gawkers, hawkers, and thieves they have language filters now that can get rid of language before it ever hits anyone screen. The thieves though are annoying as are the people constantly spamming about gold etc. Vanguard SOH went free the other day and Diablo III let me play through the first major quest for free as well although I went further in 1day of prerelease they did. Game prices are starting to get kind of crazy though. I do not know what arenanet is charging but for a subscription game it should be less than what seems to be the norm now of 60-70 bucks.

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fat78 replied on Tue, Aug 28 2012 8:35 PM

My sister has been saying guild wars 2 is amazing, but with college i don't really think i am going to have time for a mmo. I hope guild wars 2 does well, i think WoW has run its course and has hit its peak. It was a fun game for a long time , however, i believe its time for a new mmo to take over. I had a great time raiding and downing bosses, but i think the expansions are now becoming repetitive and the only reason i bought cata was a friend wanted me to play badly. I stoped after a month once i got bored exploring the new content and remake of old zones.

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I would love to play thos if i won the giveaway. But thays a long shot. Theres already a maxed level player and has played 34hrs straight on the beta trsts. Thats incredible i wish i have the resources..... sad good game tho

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JOMA replied on Wed, Aug 29 2012 7:11 AM

Played a little of GW1 but just never really got into it. WoW on the other hand stole 3 years of my life :-)

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deadmanet replied on Wed, Aug 29 2012 8:37 AM

Maybe I'm just being an old fogey here, but I'm glad a company is finally cracking down on this kind of behavior. We have a conversation going on in the forums of the MMO I play, DDO. It's about this particular subject. About getting banned/infractions for foul language when there is a profanity filter in place. While I do believe everyone should be given the benefit of the doubt first. Meaning, if it happens once, let it slide. We all have those type of moments. But if it is continual, then they should start handing out the bans. A video game that a company is trying to draw in a wider age audience should be free of this type of behavior.

But, it's not just the words that need to be looked at, it's the context of what was said. A random statement like, "Oh shoot, that freaking sucked". Is different from something like "You freaking numbskull, you need to learn to play". The first is not directed at anyone, the second is obviously an insult. Which is not ok. Obviously I used clean language for the examples.

Sorry for the rambling, by there's my 2 cents.

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JTaylor replied on Wed, Aug 29 2012 12:44 PM

My wife has been playing GW2 pretty much non-stop since the 25th, and she loves it. I think having the developers kind of moderate this is a good thing. Iused to hate all the crap I saw in the Xbox live environment.

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Derailed replied on Thu, Nov 22 2012 5:11 PM

Lots of children play these games........... Foul mouthed adults too! Lol!

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