Unlucky Bin? Questions and Observations on EVGA GTX 670 FTW

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JAdams1 Posted: Sat, Aug 18 2012 1:51 PM

So I finished my first build ever July 10ish. Before getting my graphics card and SSD in I had overclocked my i5 2500K to 4.4Ghz at +.075 Offset. (I tried to get it higher, but even at ~4.25V as seen in CPUZ it wouldn't run 4.5GHz stable). Nevertheless, this isn't the processor OC section, so that question may wait for another day.

After doing testing with my old EVGA 8800GT for comparison I popped in my GTX 670 and attempted to overclock it. At base speeds, it runs at: Base Clock: 1006MHz, Boost Clock: 1084MHz, Memory Clock: 6208MHz. After what seemed to be hours in front of Heavenmark Dx11 I was able to get +60MHz Base/Boost and +650MHz Memory Clock with stable benches through Precision X at Power Target 145% and max voltage.

Results: (At 1600x900 Resolution because I'm working on an old monitor at the moment...)

  • 8800GT: (I didn't get any screenshots at the time so this will all be text results)
    • 3DMarkVantage: P7413
    • Heaven Dx10: Average FPS 9.5, Score 239
  • Base Clocks:
    • Not measured at this resolution... (May go back later and measure them if you guys really want it)
  • Overclocked:
    • 3DMarkVantage: P31331
    • 3DMark11: P9267, Graphics 9806, Physics 8058, Combined 7810.
    • Heaven Dx11: Average FPS 56.9, Score 1433.

Anyway, I was pretty satisfied at the time. Wasn't getting an outstanding overclock, but I figured I was a little unlucky, oh well.
However, I recently borrowed a friend's 27" HDTV in their absence so I could test at 1920x1080 Resolution. After a bit of dual monitor gaming and whatnot, I finally sat down and tested Heavenmark Dx11. I wasn't happy with the results, I didn't even make it through the benchmark without crashing. When I eventually afford to buy two 24" LED Monitors this will be unacceptable.

Did I just get an unlucky bin? And is there any way to rectify it through EVGA? Or am I stuck with this card? I plan to eventually go SLI, but it is really out of the question when I can't even afford a new monitor. I know it's not guaranteed in terms of how much I can get out of my card, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?


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