Sony Revamps $129 6" Reader, Adds Evernote And Facebook

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News Posted: Thu, Aug 16 2012 8:51 PM
E-readers seem to be going the way of the netbook. And strangely, it seems that netbooks and e-readers both have a single product segment to blame: tablets. As more and more users found tablets to be a suitable, more portable substitute for netbooks, so have avid bookworms. Instead of springing for a device that just reads, why not pick up a multifaceted product like the iPad, Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 for just a bit more? Still, the e-reading market isn't quite dead yet, and indeed, Sony's still looking to make new headway in a maturing market. The new Reader, PRS-T2, was launched today. It's a 6" device that sleeker and slimmer than prior iterations, and it'll ship in red, white or matte black.

The Reader brings along new social features and a simplified home screen. Naturally, there's an antiglare E-Ink Pearl V220 touch panel, which seems to be the brand of choice for dedicated devices like this one. Page turns are quicker, zooming is smoother and it comes with two English language and four translation dictionaries built-in. Best of all, the battery can last up to two months with wireless switched off, and there's 2GB of storage for all sorts of novels and nonfiction. There's even a supplied stylus for those who prefer to jot notes more traditionally.

The new Reader also adds Facebook and Evernote, enabling users to post short passages from books purchased from the Reader Store to Facebook. For the first time, Reader is combining features from Evernote to allow users to save their favorite web content to enjoy any time. Evernote's Web Clipper allows saving content with a click, and pages saved with Evernote Clearly are optimized for Reader's crisp E-Ink display. Favorite passages can also be annotated on Reader and saved back to Evernote for viewing later on any smartphone, tablet or PC. There's built-in Wi-Fi as well, and Sony will offer a voucher to redeem against the first eBook in the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, for free, if you buy the black edition. It's up for order now at $129, while a Cover and a Cover with light will ship alongside of it for $35 and $50, respectively.
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I would save up a littke bit more abd a tablet.

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InsideSin replied on Fri, Aug 17 2012 2:13 AM

eReaders just tend to have that nice screen that doesn't destroy my eyes like a bright computer/tablet screen does. It's almost like having an actually compact library.

"You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."

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