RIM Reportedly Showing Near-Final BlackBerry 10 Phones To Carriers

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News Posted: Wed, Aug 15 2012 1:19 AM
Will RIM hang around long enough to see if BlackBerry 10 can get its legs up under it? Q1 2013 feels like it's forever from now, with an entire holiday season between the present and early next year. Not to mention another iPhone, Windows Phone 8 and a surefire flood of Android 4.1 superphones on every carrier imaginable. But according to a new WSJ report, Research in Motion isn't backing down. Despite losing steam and potential mind share in the past few years, the report states that the carrier will start delivering "nearly complete versions" of BB10 smartphones to operators as early as next week. Why is this important? It's a huge test. Carrier support is absolutely vital for smartphone success in America; if the carrier isn't pushing your phone, it's pushing someone else's phone. And with the iPhone 5 just around the bend, it's going to take a mighty impressive phone to win top billing.

The "beta" units that are being shown are part of a five-week tour that'll hit the major players in distribution. It's hard to say how much more improved the OS will be compared to states that have been shown to the public in recent months. The company is reportedly near the "finish line," but if so, why wait half a year to release it? Is the phone is in a place where RIM feels confident that it will wow carriers, surely it's not far from being ready for public hands, right? Perhaps the Q1 2013 launch is simply to catch the market in a lull; that's usually a period where no major flagship products are announced, as it's not near back-to-school season nor the holiday season.

But even still, will those who just re-upped their contract in the fall of 2012 be eager to even pay attention to RIM's offering in 2013? It all starts with getting that backing from the operators that sell the phones, at least in America.
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InsideSin replied on Wed, Aug 15 2012 2:24 AM

Doesn't seem like a game changer to me. RIM is going down.

"You can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they'll want something new."

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This article is right. With iphone 5 coming and note 2 and the just released s3 who would upgrade their contract early next year since the holidays are over. Ajd for those that just upgraded wont be entice by bb10. It was exciting when i firdt got the wind of it but with extereme delays this wont even stand a chamce in todays market.

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Shadizzle replied on Wed, Aug 15 2012 9:16 AM

I have high hopes it does something for the market. More competition would be nice for everyone out there. Though I have to agree with Nicole on this one, with the upcoming and already released products for the holiday, I can see it being a hard sell. Either way, I am looking forward to see what happens.

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JOMA replied on Wed, Aug 15 2012 10:27 AM

Eh, it's an iPhone copy. Unless it does everything way better than apple nothing will change. The one thing I like about my BB is the physical keyboard.

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Jaybk26 replied on Wed, Aug 15 2012 11:22 AM

Joma, it's only a physical copy of the iPhone, the different OS is going to be a huge selling point. And no offense, but physical keyboards are a thing of the past.

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JDiaz replied on Fri, Aug 17 2012 5:19 PM

Physical keyboards persists because they're still better than any virtual keyboard on a touch screen. Also they let you type without sacrificing part of the screen!

Btw, RIM is releasing a version of BB10 phone with a physical keyboard a little after the Screen only version release.

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