Reno, NV Woos Apple In Building 350-Acre Data Center, $1 Billion Investment Over 10 Years

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News Posted: Fri, Aug 3 2012 2:46 AM
You probably never thought of Apple as a "data center" kind of company, but then, iCloud happened. As if storing data from .me users (R.I.P.) wasn't enough, the company has been on the offensive of late with data centers in North Carolina and elsewhere. And now, it looks like Reno, Nevada may be next to house a mega center where loads of iCloud, iTunes, etc. data will be held. The Nevada Board of Economic Development this week gave an endorsement on a deal to "lure" Apple to the Reno area for its next data center build. Naturally, Apple plans to spend loads of money, hire plenty of locals and bring gobs of positive attention to whichever locale ends up wooing it. In order to do so, Reno is offering $89 million in tax breaks.

The center will reportedly be a 350-acre monolith, with tons of servers inside. After it's built, at least 35 full-time employees will be on staff to man it, as well as 200 contract workers. All told, experts are expecting around $340 million in economic activity to hit the Reno area due to this data center alone. In response to the tax breaks, Apple pledged to invest $1 billion in the area over a decade -- not chump change, you see.

It's highly unlikely that this will be Apple's last data center, too. If you're looking to bring one to your town, however, we'd suggest breaking out the bag-o-tricks on the taxation front.
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Apple expansion is banking on the future of the cloud. From the first Mac to the Iphone to the Ipad and now too the cloud apple has always kept up its mantra of simple is elegant, reliable is beautiful, and less is more. This new mega data field falls under the last category, using the same mental process that lead them to for go a stylus on the iPhone and design the incredibly thin MacBook Air, apple is pushing the envelope yet again with this latest attempt to bring the cloud from almost imaginative creativity to substantive efficiency.

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