Probably About Time: Symantec Launches Mobile Security for Android

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News Posted: Wed, Jul 18 2012 2:04 AM
There was a moment in time where our smartphones and tablets offered all of the wonders of the powerful mobile computing without the cloying downside of security threats we became so accustomed to with our desktops and notebooks. That moment has more or less passed, as individuals and companies alike are getting wise to the growing security threats from malware, forgetful employees, and thieves. Perhaps it’s time to get some protection for your Android device.

Symantec certainly thinks so, as the company announced additions to its existing enterprise mobile security portfolio with Symantec Mobile Security for Android. The new feature is designed to blend with Symantec Mobile Security and uses antivirus technology, a firewall, and SMS antispam to keep devices safe, and IT heads can manage security on devices centrally.

Symantec mobile security for Android

In the enterprise these days, BYOD reigns supreme, which makes employees happy but drives security teams nuts--especially as more communications and productivity take place on mobile devices. Some additional security capabilities couldn’t hurt.
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RTietjens replied on Wed, Jul 18 2012 11:56 AM

No, it's not about time. Symantec "security" products are bloated and ineffective, and they give you all the security of a tissue-paper fence with the system resource demands equivalent to a steel-reinforced concrete bunker. All they do is generate revenue for Symantec, while permitting malware to run rampant and undetected on your system.

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realneil replied on Wed, Jul 18 2012 7:58 PM

You're preachin' to the choir brother,  Symantec Sux big time. Smile

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