Planning To Run Office 2013 On Your Windows XP System? Think Again

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News Posted: Tue, Jul 17 2012 2:22 PM
If you haven't yet retired your old Windows XP or Vista operating system, Microsoft would like to encourage you to do so now. The Customer Preview of Microsoft Office 2013 is designed for Windows 7 and 8 operating systems and won't install on anything older, including Windows XP and Vista. Office 2013 isn't expected to be available until - you guessed it - 2013, but Microsoft is already beating the promotional drums and made a preview of the consumer version available today. You can sign up for it at Microsoft's site.

Microsoft Office 2013 Word Preview

If you are running WinXP or Vista and you're willing to upgrade, there's some good news: Microsoft announced earlier this month that it wil make the Windows 8 upgrade $39.99 when Windows 8 is officially released. The Windows 8 upgrade (not Office) supports operating systems as old as Windows XP. You'll just need to find a friend with a newer OS if you want to check out the preview of Office.

Microsoft's Office Customer Preview FAQ has some worthwhile information for anyone planning to take Office for a spin. A couple things to keep in mind: you can install the preview alongside your current Office without affecting it, and you'll need to be at Release Preview or higher if you are testing Windows 8.
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RTietjens replied on Tue, Jul 17 2012 5:28 PM

How about, "No. Not planning to run Office 2010. Ever." Kingsoft Office 2012 is freeware (for the basic 3-app package) and it's MS Office 2007-compatible, so why would I pay for Microsoft's latest travesty of an interface?

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realneil replied on Tue, Jul 17 2012 6:48 PM

Office 2013 will have to just wait for me to catch up. I'll buy it in 2023.

Office 2003 still works for me and my wife uses Office 2010 in her studies.

I just found a copy of Office 2007 on the shelf and put it back. I don't need it.

BTW: Open Source Office programs are becoming pretty easy to use these days. (and they're free as has been mentioned already)

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Any word on how long Office 2013 Preview is going to last?

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slavne replied on Mon, Jan 13 2014 4:10 AM

Yes, I am using Office 2003 too. I have been making some software with VBA for Word and Excel , and I can do mostly - everything on that package. There is no point in paying for colorful interface of 2013,14,15... and start learning unimportant things over and over again. What is the point in changing positions of menu items from one version of MS Office to the other, if not for enriching enormously rich company even more?

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