Supposed Pre-Release iPhone 5 Photos Leak Online

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News Posted: Thu, Jul 12 2012 12:25 PM
Rumor has it that Apple's next generation iPhone model -- presumably the iPhone 5, or 'new iPhone,' if borrowing a page from the iPad -- will sport a larger screen than the 3.5-inch display that's been a staple of every model to date. What isn't known is exactly how big the new screen will be and what the remodeled device will look like. We still don't know the former, but if recently leaked photos turn out to be the real deal, we now have an idea about the latter.

Photos of what are supposed to be a pre-release test sample are making the rounds in cyberspace, and they depict what's essentially a longer version of the iPhone 4S. The screen is indeed bigger, but from a design standpoint, the iPhone 5 looks mostly the same, albeit a little darker on the sides and thinner overall.

One thing that's decidedly different is the dock connector, one that's smaller than before and would render the iPhone 5 incompatible with previous iPhone accessories, at least without an adapter.
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sevags replied on Thu, Jul 12 2012 2:54 PM

It's a slightly longer very slightly thinner iPhone4 but with a new dock connecter and the earphone jack at the bottom. It's stupid. I've been with the iPhone since my 3G and have bought all the models since except for the 4s. I've now had my iPhone 4 for 2 YEARS and they want to sell me a device that is nearly physically identical????? I am BORED of my phone! On top of that it is very uncomfortable to hold because of the square shape. I have several iPhone speaker docks including an ihome and the more expensive bose dock and the apple HiFi all of which will be useless. Some of you are saying there may be an adaptor but physically I don't see how that would be a good idea because 1) the adapter would add height to the device when docked and as it is you can break the male dock connectors on my sound dock by pulling or pushing the phone towards you or away from you instead of pulling it straight up and extra while teetering on that old style dock will quickly destroy it. 2) they would have to design the adapter so that the end going into the iphone5 would have to be wide (hopefully as wide as the phone itself) to support some of that weight and not have it floating in the air plugged in to a almost mini USB sized plug that could break or break the phone.

There is no pico projector in it, we don't know yet if it supports NFC tags, technically it's not a new design other than screen size/dock connector/earphone jack placement, it makes my iPhone accessories including all my wall chargers (I have 9, multiples in every room) all obselete and useless..... All so I can have the same phone I have now but faster.

This is the first iPhone I am going to consider not purchasing or at least wait 2-3 months to let others test it first.

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wow ! it's .... the same

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3vi1 replied on Thu, Jul 12 2012 9:37 PM

Why did they put one of them upside down in the photo?

I sincerely hope that's not it.  There have been all kinds of mock-ups that blow that thing away.

It's believable that that's the real phone, because it's evolutionary.  I was hoping for revolutionary.


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I wonder if Apple truly is dumb enough to change their dock connector this late in the game? They are stuck with it. They can only win if every phone ships with an adapter.

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fat78 replied on Fri, Jul 13 2012 12:03 PM

Just add a couple flashy bells and whistles and many people will still buy what is essentially the same product.

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musi1212 replied on Mon, Jul 16 2012 3:42 AM

Why did they put one of them upside down in the photo?

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