Atari Offering 100 Games Free in iTunes App Store to Honor 40th Anniversary

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News Posted: Thu, Jun 28 2012 2:39 PM
As you’re strolling down memory lane (or for younger folks, marveling at the artifacts of the stone ages of gaming) in the wake of Atari’s 40th anniversary, the company has a little present for you: 100 of its classic games, free.

The Atari’s Greatest Hits app is normally $9.99, but the latest update--1.5.2., the 40th Anniversary Update--gives users all 100 games for free.

Prepare to enjoy your favorites like Centipede and Asteroids with a single tear of remembered childhood wonder. Some of the titles, such as Warlords and Tempest have Bluetooth multiplayer support to enable head-to-head gaming, and others will work with the Atari Arcade Duo Joystick (if you’re lucky enough to already own one).

It’s not clear how long this deal will last, so you better get on it pronto if you want all that classic gaming goodness.
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timaeus replied on Thu, Jun 28 2012 4:10 PM

It should be noted (like, really really should be noted, why didn't you?) that it is also currently available on Google Play for free.

Edit: Re-reading this comment, I realize how rude it came off.  I do apologize.  Just fed up with all the focus on iOS, despite the fact that Android is more widespread.  Anyway, just glad to see this great deal show up on my platform as well :-)

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Dave_HH replied on Thu, Jun 28 2012 6:05 PM

Duly noted!

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Oh yeah just downloaded on my phone :) Now I have something to distract me while imaging computers lol.

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sackyhack replied on Fri, Jun 29 2012 12:48 AM

Nice, thanks for the heads up. Downloading now, hopefully the controls aren't too bad.

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