Amazon Rumored to Slash Kindle Fire Price to $149

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News Posted: Sun, Jun 17 2012 2:16 PM
If you're considering buying a Kindle Fire tablet (or glorified eBook reader, if you prefer to call it that), you may want to hang tight to see if you can score a better deal. Amazon is reportedly getting ready to cut the price of the Kindle Fire to around $149 as it makes room for newer tablet PC devices.

That tidbit comes from DigiTimes, which isn't always accurate in its predictions and market rumors, though a price drop would certainly fit Amazon's M.O. Citing sources entrenched in the upstream supply chain, DigiTimes claims Amazon is taking a page from Apple by continuing to sell last generation devices at a discount while it makes room for newer models (think iPad 2).

As the story goes, Amazon will launch a new 7-inch tablet in the third quarter of 2012. It will have a 1280x800 screen resolution and sell for $199, the same price as the current generation Kindle Fire. Amazon is also said to be rolling out a full sized 10.1-inch tablet, perhaps in the fourth quarter of this year or in early 2013. There aren't many details to go on, though if Amazon were to compete in the 10.1-inch category with the same aggressive pricing it brought to the 7-inch sector, the tablet wars could get awfully interesting.
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i am surprised that its really awesome tab. i have  seen this tab and the price really reasonable.

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