Android Developers And Users Can Now Tap Into In-App Subscriptions

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News Posted: Thu, May 24 2012 4:52 PM
It's been a long time coming, but at least, in-app subscriptions have arrived on the Google side of things. Apple's own iOS App Store has supported in-app subscriptions for quite some time, and starting this week, Google Play users can say "yep, same here!" If you aren't familiar with in-app subscriptions, it allows devs to offer apps for free, and then once you're in, they can charge for upgrades and other things, but on a recurring basis. It's a unique business model, and we're sure that Android developers will be thrilled to hear the news. In-app billing has been on Google Play for over a year, with 23 of the 24 top-grossing apps in Google Play using it. Starting today, developers can use In-app Billing to sell monthly or annual subscriptions from inside of their apps. All subscriptions are auto-renewing, for every app and game and every type of subscription product. Developers just set the price and billing interval and Google Play manages the purchase transactions for them, just as it does for other in-app products and app purchases.

After the transaction, Google Play manages recurring billing and keeps users informed of new charges, sending them an email with each renewal. At any time, users can visit My Apps in the Play Store app to view their subscriptions and cancel any subscription as needed. In the coming days, several developers will be launching apps with Google Play subscriptions, and Google promises that more are on tap. If you're an Android dev, now would be a great time to look into this if you're interested.
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But whatever you do, do not buy this for anything made by GLU MOBILE. Their stuff is buggy to no end, on top of that, they conveniently lose your "glu credits" from time to time, which is always awesome. This company exists solely to rip off gamers. This game a gun costs hundred of glu credits meaning you need to spend tens of dollars to get just one gun. It i ridiculous. Sure, there are free ways to earn, but even the "free" ways that cost money net you next to nothing in their credits. You are better of scamming their "install our other games system" than actually giving these thieving bastards money... all that said, there are only specific services where subscriptions make sense. Games is not one of them.

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