VIA Launches Fanless AMOS-3002 Mini PC

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News Posted: Fri, May 18 2012 4:28 PM
The machine shown here may not look nearly as good as the latest Digital Storm PC or Alienware laptop, but that's not the point. The point is to put a lot of power into a portable package, and make it sip power in a way that monster towers can only dream of doing. VIA knows a thing or two about efficiency, with the new VIA AMOS-3002 being revealed and designed around the VIA EPIA-P900 Pico-ITX board. Within, there's a 1GHz VIA Eden X2 dual-core CPU, a VX900H media system processor (MSP) on the VIA EPIA-P900 board, fully HD-capable graphics engine, support for a variety of codecs (MPEG-2, WMV9 and H.264) and native HDMI support. The VIA AMOS-3002 has a certified operating temperature of -20 to 60 degrees C, vibration tolerance of up to 5Grms and a shock tolerance of up to 50G. The VIA AMOS-3002 is also available with the VIA EPIA-P830 featuring a 1.0GHz Nano E-Series processor, offering an operating temperature of -20 to 70 degrees C.

In other words, this thing is designed for lots of unique applications. In a boat, in a car, or in any other super tight space where cooling would usually be an issue. There's also a SATA interface Flash drive, while an optional storage sub-system expansion chassis offers support for a standard 2.5" SATA drive. Comprehensive I/O functions on front and rear panels include two COM ports, six USB 2.0 ports, including two of which are lockable for increased ruggedization, line-in/out, one DIO port, one VGA and one HDMI port for display connectivity and two GLAN ports for dual Gigabit networking. Optional Wi-Fi and 3G networking are available through a MiniPCIe expansion slot.

No word on a price just yet, but if you're looking for your next carputer, here it is.
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karanm replied on Sun, May 20 2012 9:02 PM


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