OCZ's 1TB Octane Solid State Drive Touches Ground in Mid May

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News Posted: Sat, May 5 2012 10:10 AM
Owning a high performance solid state drive with lots of storage space would be like having your cake and eating it too, which, by the way, is really the only the way to enjoy a cake. Regardless, it doesn't have to be a pipe dream, provided you're willing to drop a small fortune on a big size SSD with performance numbers to match. If you are, you'll be happy to know that OCZ's monster sized 1TB Octane SSD is getting to ready to ship in the next couple of weeks.

A Japanese language press release tipped the details of the 1TB model's retail availability, which a Google translation pegs to be mid-May. The price is said to be 260,000 yen, which works out to about $3,255 in U.S. currency, though it won't be quite that expensive. According to a product page on Amazon's website, the list price is $3,000 and the street price is $2,420 shipped.

That's a hefty investment, to be sure, but if you're willing to drop that kind of coin on a storage device, you'll be rewarded with 1TB of storage space in a 2.5-inch form factor with up to 460MB/s sequential read speeds, up to 330MB/s write speeds, up to 32,000 IOPS random 4K reads, and up to 24,000 IOPS random 4K writes. Not exactly record breaking, but totally respectable for anyone who wants capacity and performance in a single device.
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rapid1 replied on Sat, May 5 2012 11:58 AM

This statement many will probably think is of the mark and both performance and size are necessities for computer performance of course. However; there not exactly mutual, nor are the need for a large number of files at all. Picture storage need no performance, nor do music, movie, office, email, etc. These files in general do not gain anything from an SSD's speed. Now do not get me wrong photo manipulation programs would and do gain significantly from an SSD all the way around.

I am not talking about minor stuff either. I mean PhotoShop and it's contemporaries as well as additions etc. The same goes for film manipulation, production tools of almost any type etc. The main gain in all the other files would be through faster operation of the Operating System no matter what type it is as it manipulates all files on the computer period.

The IOPS sequential and random speeds etc do nothing to something like a music file and even less so for a seriously compressed/minimized one like an MP3. These files process at a set ratio controlled by your audio source and program administering your audio. I prefer playback at a 96,000 or higher sampling quality level, I also use professional studio monitor headphones and hardware to listen to audio for at least a few hours a day. My SSD does nothing for it in any way as I manipulate my output ratio through the music software and you can do it through the OS as well but in no way does the HD speed affect it in any way.

So really although I am not saying a 1TB SSD is bad in any way I would just think it unnecessary as well as in many ways not really a major if any positive. In file manipulation and production software, gaming, major number crunching, transmission (internal or external traffic in Servers etc) over networks, CAD etc.. A general user though would see more benefit entirely from having an OS SSD and say 2-5 500-750Gb or even TB level mechanical HD's in raid 1, 5 or 10 with the amount of drives requisite of the RAID level they wanted to use. I would personally pick RAID 5 but that's me. Currently I run an OS SSD and two 750GB drives in RAID 1 in 2 partitions.

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fat78 replied on Sat, May 5 2012 12:02 PM

Little more storage then i need, but interesting how big ssds storage capacity is getting.

I love how much SSDs are rapidly dropping in price. Just about a few months ago one of the 60gb drives i have was around $120 or $2 a gb. Now its around $60 on sale or $1 a gb. Even the 120gb drives are commonly being sold for under $100

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The good side about the SSD market is that prices are beginning to drop (I guess we kind of owe OCZ a little thanks for that). 2 years ago this size drive would have probably cost $7k. You can find 120GB for $110 or so after rebate, and I even saw a 240GB Agility 3 at TigerDirect for less than $200.

This is probably for the enterprise users. Personally, I don't see the need for a 1TB SSD (or even HDD) in the consumer space. Do we consume that much media, games etc? Heck, I only use about 500GB of my 2TB hard drive (and it'll be much less after I dispose of some old files and tracks I no longer need).

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I work with an oracle db that is just shy of 3tb... right now it's running on a crazy expensive san... an array of 10 of these in raid 10 would be faster and cheaper than a lot of the high end enterprise options out there... (I say 10 because I've had bad luck with ocz's ssd life in the past)....

If storage keeps progressing like this we're going to need 100gb ethernet :)

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realneil replied on Sat, May 5 2012 11:57 PM

Personally, I don't see the need for a 1TB SSD (or even HDD) in the consumer space.

Smile Some of us have more files than others do. Smile

If I could afford a 1TB SSD, I'd get it in a heartbeat. I'm sure it isn't going to happen for me any time soon. I do use several large HHD's across four PC's.

I do have a 240GB SSD, and three 120GB SSD's too. I use the heck out of them and I like the additional speed I get with them in my PC's.

As soon as they get trim worked out for Intel RAID controllers using SSD's, I have four 60GB drives to try out in RAID.

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Ummm no definitely not going to spend that kind of money on an SSD. Plus I don't need a terabyte of space for my OS and applications... Of course it is still nice to see the size of SSDs increasing.

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AKosky replied on Sun, Jul 8 2012 7:09 AM

I have a home based business and I'm constantly looking for effective ways to improve my Mac / Workstation rigs. I NEED this kind of storage for video production and creative work, and not to mention the multitude of games that I own and play.

That is a lot of money to spend for a single drive, however like most that have replied here I am LOVING the fact that there are now price drops in the SSD market, not to mention seeing the price point on the drives that I can actually utilize (+1TB) coming down and becoming more available to professional users like myself.

I just hope that the price on the larger drives comes down soon enough that I can upgrade before the drives in my raid system start failing so I don't have to waist time restoring / replacing drives.

I'll be watching the SSD large drive market and hopefully the price continues to get to a more manageable point.


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