MSI Outs Trio of R7000 Power Edition Graphics Cards With Customizable Cooling

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News Posted: Thu, Apr 19 2012 12:39 PM
MSI’s latest graphics card include the R7850, R7770, and R7750 Power Edition, all of which support the Triple Overvoltage feature in the company’s MSI Afterburner overclocking tool.

The story, though, concerns the cooling features of the cards. The R7850 Power Edition 2GD5/OC features the Twin Frozr IV Thermal Design, which has a nickel-plated copper base and technology that makes the 8cm fans spin in reverse whenever the system boots to blast out any dust.

The R7770 Power Edition 1GD5/OC and R7750 Power Edition 1GD5/OC also have the dust removal technology, but they also boast the customizable MSI TransThermal thermal design, which allows users to slap another fan on top of the existing one. The R7770 can also use the second fan to convert the card to a side-by-side fan configuration.

It's hard to say whether the extra fan options will actually deliver better cooling results, but the ability to customize a graphics card after purchase without an aftermarket kit is a nice touch on MSI's part.
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Atticus14 replied on Thu, Apr 19 2012 4:19 PM

this will be the 7850 i probably end up with. Ive been waiting for a custom PCB with some nice OC features to hopefully guarantee that magical 1200+ core OC that turns the 7850 from "Okay" into an absolute beast. Although it still depends on what price/performance the lower end keplers hit at. Still have some time though, waiting for GW2 to come out and will probably buy it post launch when it inevitably hits 30ish after 2 months.

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Dave_HH replied on Thu, Apr 19 2012 8:43 PM

No doubt, that's probably one of the most cost efficient routes to solid performance.

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