Samsung's Quarterly Profit Reaches All Time High

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News Posted: Fri, Apr 6 2012 10:55 AM
Despite all the lawsuits with Apple and bickering over patent claims, injunctions, and all the other behind the scenes drama, Samsung has hit its stride, posting record quarterly operating profit of 5.8 trillion won ($5.13 billion in United States currency). That's up from 2.95 trillion won ($2.6 billion) from one year ago, and up from 5.3 trillion won ($4.7 billion) from last quarter.

Lee Ka-keun, an analyst at Hana Daetoo Securities, tells The New York Times that Samsung and Apple are about to "engage in a full-fledged war," with Samsung planning to launch its new Galaxy S smartphone in the second quarter and Apple prepping another iPhone model (iPhone 5 or 'new' iPhone).

In the meantime, Samsung is raking in cash like it's going out of style. The company's Galaxy line of smartphones is proving hugely popular, including the Galaxy Note, an oversized device that sits between a smartphone and a tablet (see our review here).

Samsung's raging success as of late is in stark contrast to HTC, which saw its profits slide 70 percent to $2.3 billion in the first quarter of 2012. That's still a lot of coin, but nowhere near what HTC is used to, and only a little more than half of what Samsung managed in the same time frame.
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AKwyn replied on Fri, Apr 6 2012 2:47 PM

Not surprised, Samsung is a good company and it's going to keep earning profits no matter what it does.


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3vi1 replied on Fri, Apr 6 2012 3:57 PM

/agree. I've been buying Samsung monitors for years and have never been disappointed.

I just bought my first (inexpensive) Samsung hard drive to replace a failing Hitachi that came in an external usb3.0 enclosure of mine. So, I've got my fingers crossed that they put the same quality into that division as well.

My only problem with Samsung is their collusion on patents for obvious technology with Microsoft, which works great for the big guys but hurts anyone trying to break into the competition.  And, in another recent story, Joel points out there are other reasons we might want to start considering them a bit more skeptically.

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realneil replied on Fri, Apr 6 2012 10:17 PM

I too can't say much bad about my two Samsung screens. They're pretty awesome.

I don't have any Samsung HDD's yet.

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