Google To Sell Partner Tablets Directly

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News Posted: Fri, Mar 30 2012 12:29 PM
Remember when Google sold the original Nexus One smartphone directly from their website? It was a short-lived experiment, as the company determined they weren't ready (or willing, perhaps) to install the support infrastructure needed to properly serve customers and provide tech support for the phone. But now, with Android tablets falling well behind the iPad in terms of market dominance, the company is dipping their toes into this idea once more. According to a Wall Street Journal report, Google will begin to sell co-branded tablets directly to customers through an online Google store.

Evidently, Google (and perhaps their partners) believe that by getting these on the web and in front of customers via a Google portal, they'll be more likely to gain traction. But it's not likely to help, in all reality. People know that Android tablets exist; the problem is that they simply don't offer as many compelling applications as the iPad. Until the ecosystem catches up to the App Store in terms of impressiveness, even this move is highly unlikely to skyrocket the sales of Android slates.
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If they could make it a worldwide delivery availability, it would be great. Much like Apple's online store. Of course the pricing has to be reasonable as better deals can be had in many places for people who knows how to shop.

It would be nice, if there are discounts for multiple items purchases so it might be worthwhile mutually for both buyers and sellers in this venture. I would think a range of high-end smartphone might be on offer as well much like the Samsung Galaxy Note variety. Go for it Google, you need to spread around thinner like the cloud you profess to be ....

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How will Google reconcile this move with its desire to sell its own tablet?

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OSunday replied on Sun, Apr 1 2012 1:02 PM

Androids platform on its smart-phones and tablets has always championed its ability to do more than its Apple flavored counterparts in terms of its more technical features due to the less restrictive nature of its app market, but that has come at the price of ease of use and fluidity.

Most consumers today want tablets for its basic uses, and would pick a small set of features that works incredibly well over the a wide variety that require tinkering, adjusting and configuring to work well.

The smooth simple intuitiveness of iOS and its ease of use to new and established consumers is what I think is beating out Android, not how the device is sold but whats on the devices being sold.

I recently received an iPad from my school district and switched from a Droid X to a 4s.

A close family friend has an Asus transformer and the comparison between the set of Android devices to Apple ones illustrated that best for me. (even the the Transformer can more than keep up with its heavy hitting hardware specs the iPad 2 still matched it in every day usage tasks)

Google needs to re-work they way Android is allowed to be used and how its designed, its experience on low end phones is terrible and on high end phones is decent, but the iPhone is still seen as the epitome of smart phones.

After I switched phones the phrase I heard most often was "Oh you finally got an iPhone!" as if it was the highest standard of mobile cell phone technology out today, which by consumers opinions it very well is.

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