HBO GO To Come With Kinect Support On Xbox 360

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News Posted: Fri, Mar 16 2012 5:04 PM
HBO GO is perhaps the most fully-featured TV streaming platform out there, but it requires a user to be an HBO cable subscriber to use it. In other words, cord-cutters need not apply. But if you just so happen to subscribe to HBO, and you just so happen to own an Xbox 360, there's some good news you should know about. Microsoft and HBO will soon bring HBO GO to Xbox 360, and if you have a Kinect, it'll be the most exciting way yet to tap into HBO's on-demand library.

Eager to see what'll head your way on April 1st? Look below.

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OSunday replied on Sun, Mar 18 2012 11:24 PM

Too bad HBO hasn't cut the chord with cable companies yet, this would be a big competitor with Hulu and Netflix otherwise for Television shows...

HBO definitely needs a stream only service option to capitalize on this and make it a huge success

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