Bizarre: Electronic Arts Tries to Trademark 'Full Contact Bingo'

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News Posted: Mon, Mar 12 2012 10:48 AM
We're big fans of full contact Football and, up through the 1980s, Basketball could be considered a contact sport until the NBA decided that that league's multimillion dollar Basketball  stars shouldn't be so much as sneezed on when driving to the basket (seriously, is the NBA really more entertaining without these kind of hard fouls?). But full contact Bingo? That's a new one to us, though not to Electronic Arts, which apparently decided to file trademark applications for the term earlier this month.

EA submitted two separate applications for Full Contact Bingo (serial numbers 85560267 and 85560275), one that applies to "Entertainment services, namely, providing an on-line computer game; Provision of information relating to electronics computer games provided via the Internet" and the other for "Computer game software; Downloadable computer game software via a blogal network and wireless devices; Videogame software."

Neither of those applications filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) provide any real details as to what Full Contact Bingo might entail, other than the fact that it's going to be a videogame of some sort. Our imagination runs wild with the possibilities, though EA's version of "Full Contact" will probably end up referring to a touchscreen interface.
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sackyhack replied on Mon, Mar 12 2012 11:47 AM

Grandma NO! *gets tackled*

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pjnissim replied on Mon, Mar 12 2012 1:45 PM


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realneil replied on Mon, Mar 12 2012 4:37 PM


Many of us old people carry weapons son. Smile

Dogs are great judges of character, and if your dog doesn't like somebody being around, you shouldn't trust them.

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Very strange. Maybe there will be melting faces and exploding heads. Bingo + BFG = a mess of giblets.

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