Corning's Gorilla Glass 2 Is Coming Soon To A Phone Near You

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News Posted: Mon, Feb 27 2012 10:41 PM

Corning has sent the first shipments of its new Gorilla Glass 2 to "key device makers" who will use the new glass in devices planned for release this year. As the next-generation version of the widely used cover glass for smartphones and other consumer electronic devices, Gorilla Glass 2 improves upon the original version by offering the same performance and strength in a thinner form. In fact, Gorilla Glass 2 is up to 20 percent thinner than the original. Corning expects the first devices that are equipped with Gorilla Glass 2 to be available in April or May. Gorilla Glass is currently used by more than 30 major brands.

Corning Delivering Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 for Next Generation Consumer Electronic Devices

CORNING, N.Y., February 27, 2012 – Corning Incorporated (NYSE:GLW) today announced the first shipments of Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 to key device makers who plan to utilize the glass in new consumer electronics devices planned for release in 2012.

“Corning’s new glass composition, Gorilla Glass 2, enables slimmer and sleeker devices, brighter images, and greater touch sensitivity, providing an ideal solution for the newest, most sophisticated smartphones, tablets, and personal computers,” said David R. Velasquez, global director, Marketing and Commercial Operations, Corning® Gorilla® Glass.“

Since we launched Gorilla Glass 2 just last month at CES, we’ve qualified the glass with more than half of our current customers, and have shipped our first orders to customers who plan to start production and release product in the first quarter this year.”

Corning Gorilla Glass 2 is the next generation of the widely accepted damage-resistant cover glass for consumer electronic devices, enabling up to 20% reduction in cover glass thickness without sacrificing the performance consumers have come to expect from the world’s most widely deployed strengthened cover glass.

Introduced in 2007, Corning Gorilla Glass set the industry standard for damage-resistant cover glass. Today it is the most widely deployed cover glass, used by more than 30 major brands and has been designed into more than 600 product models, spanning over 600 million units worldwide.

Corning will demonstrate the new glass performance at the Pepcom event, MobileFocus Global, on Feb. 27, in Barcelona, Spain.

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OSunday replied on Wed, Feb 29 2012 12:41 AM

Hopefully this'll pop up in the next generation of Ipads' that are soon to be announced!

And just maybe Cornings Gorilla Glass two will solve the terror that is cracked touch screen devices that we see all to frequently too!

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But not Apple... the do not want to license Corning's technology and their glass is definitely not as strong.

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AStann replied on Sun, Apr 29 2012 11:41 AM

Hopefully not. My wife is up for a new I pad. Her old one held up just fine, as did my Motorola phone with gorilla glass 1. Not so or My Samsung Note with Gorilla Glass 2. It may look good on video tests, but no company will show a video showing their product failure tests. Gorilla glass 2 is clearly inferior to gorilla glass 1. My month old note dropped off my desk onto a hard floor and cracked to hell. My motorola took 2 years of abuse, including getting dropped onto concrete while running. I tried , just for kicks, dropping my Motorola off my des onto the sam floor repeatedly, and even higher, with approximately the same angle of impact and the gorilla glass 1 held up just fine. It's probably better than unfortified glass, but I doubt it's any better than the generics. I would not put Gorilla glass on my dealbreaker list for phones again.

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