OnLive Announces OnLive Desktop Plus for iOS, Apple Scowls

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News Posted: Fri, Feb 24 2012 2:00 AM
OnLive is on quite a tear. Emerging out of beta less than two years ago with a cloud gaming service, OnLive has already far exceeded its original scope. The initial service rollout was followed by gaming hardware for the TV, mobile capabilities, integration with a number of different types of devices, and even rumors of a Netflix rival movie streaming service.

Last month, OnLive unveiled OnLive Desktop, an iPad app that effectively delivered a Windows 7 desktop experience, complete with full-featured Microsoft Office applications and a modicum of storage, via OnLive’s cloud, bringing it into an entirely new market.

Now, the company is making something possible with OnLive Desktop Plus on iOS that Apple has explicitly never wanted: Flash. In fact, OnLive is calling it “the world’s fastest mobile Flash player”. The service offers everything OnLive Desktop does plus (hence the name) plus the Flash-enabled Web browser and access to third-party cloud storage and Web-based email for $4.99 per month, all from an app that is available in the App Store.

OnLive also claims that because of the way the data is handled, the usage might not even show up on your monthly wireless bill.

The company is promising more goodies soon, including OnLive Desktop Pro and OnLive Enterprise; expansion into more areas of the world; and availability on other platforms including Android, smartphones, PCs and Macs, and even TVs.
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sackyhack replied on Fri, Feb 24 2012 6:17 PM

I'm actually pretty impressed with this onlive thing. I have a decent enough rig where I don't need to use it, but it's got interesting implications for console/PC exclusivity. I mean, wouldn't it be technically possible to play, say, Red Dead Redemption on an Xbox somewhere through your PC through Onlive? Anybody who uses the service seems to be pretty excited about it.

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