Sony's Ericsson Buyout Is Complete, Sony Mobile Communications Rises

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News Posted: Thu, Feb 16 2012 12:45 AM
Welp, so long Sony Ericsson. The mobile partnership that probably should've never been is coming to a formal close. Months after Sony announced that SE would be dissolved in favor of a Sony-led mobile effort, the company finally has the particulars in place. The main change is the final name. Instead of just "Sony," the new company will be called Sony Mobile Communications -- perhaps SMC for short. Such a name change is taking place after Sony sucked up Ericsson's 50% stake in the old business, with that completed on Feb. 15th. This marks the completion of the transaction jointly announced by Sony and Ericsson on October 27, 2011, and makes Sony Ericsson a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony.

Here's a final, official quote on the matter from Sony: "Sony will rename Sony Ericsson "Sony Mobile Communications", and further integrate the mobile phone business as a vital element of its electronics business, with the aim of accelerating convergence between Sony's lineup of network enabled consumer electronics products, including smart phones, tablets, TVs and PCs."

Better phone integration with other Sony products? Now that's differentiation that'll get some attention.
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AKwyn replied on Thu, Feb 16 2012 4:00 AM

I've always thought their phones are good; not good enough to make me run out and buy one though (despite the various marketing, nonexistant or otherwise.). Them dropping Ericson from the name does nothing to change my perception of them but it's nice to see where they take it; just imagine a Sony phone with your Sony devices...


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I had a SE phone a long while ago, and it served me well. Hopefully Sony can turn things around. I like the mini-ecosystem idea.

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OSunday replied on Fri, Feb 17 2012 12:09 AM

What is Ericsson?

I've never even understood who their partnership was with or what tempted Sony to join up with someone (at least that I) never heard of before

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