iBUYPOWER Now Offers Intel Core i7-3820 in Desktop Lines

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News Posted: Mon, Feb 13 2012 2:59 PM
Custom PC maker iBUYPOWER is now including the Intel Core i7-3820 (3.6GHz) processor a an option for its Chimera 4, Paladin XLC, and Erebus Custom Liquid Cooling systems, replacing the X58-based CPUs the company was offering.

In the emailed press release, Vice President of iBUYPOWER Darren Su, said, “We are excited to offer these speedy new CPUs that are faster than the previous generation but more efficient. Best of all the Intel Core i7 3820 is priced similarly to the slower previous generation, allowing us to pass that savings on to our customers.”

The new CPU option is available today, so go get ‘em while they’re hot.

Paladin D875

iBUYPOWER Incorporates New Intel Core i7 3820 Into Award Winning Gaming Desktops

El Monte, CA – February 13, 2012 – iBUYPOWER, a leading innovator in gaming PCs, is excited to announce the availability of new Intel Core i7 3820 3.6 GHz processor. New processors are available in new iBUYPOWER systems, including the Chimera 4, Paladin XLC (extreme liquid cooling) and Erebus Custom Liquid Cooling systems.

iBUYPOWER systems running Intel 3820 are faster not only in clock speed compared to the x58-based CPUs they replace, but they’re also faster clock-for-clock, and more efficient with power. This translates into a smoother gaming experience and faster load times to get gamers back into the action quicker. Additional advantages include quad channel memory, more PCIE lanes for improved multi-GPU performance and faster hard drive transfer speeds.

“We are excited to offer these speedy new CPUs that are faster than the previous generation but more efficient,” said Darren Su, Vice President of iBUYPOWER. “Best of all the Intel Core i7 3820 is priced similarly to the slower previous generation, allowing us to pass that savings on to our customers.”

Gamers looking to get the most out of their new Intel Core i7 3820 powered rig can choose from exclusive iBUYPOWER products and services like Advanced Pro Wiring, the Harmony Sound Reduction System, Internal USB Expansion System and iBUYPOWER’s Specialized Advanced Packaging System with expanding foam inserts to prevent damage during shipping.

Customers with more specific gaming needs can configure a fully customizable gaming PC at iBUYPOWER.com. All iBUYPOWER systems come standard with 1 year limited warranty and lifetime technical support.
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DAdams replied on Mon, Feb 13 2012 3:16 PM

ibuypower is the worst company I've ever dealt with.......I bought a laptop from them two novembers ago......received a DOA unit in January after much delay......it was DOA of course. I sent it back to them. Didn't get a working laptop until April. Last month it just stops working, refusing to even power on. They say my warranty began upon purchase.........okay........but I didn't get a working laptop until APRIL after many GUARANTEED ship dates.... even though I ordered in November......so, I have a big dead paperweight now that I've had no luck fixing. Replacing a motherboard on this thing is $$$, so I'm out.......moral of the story, never buy from ibuypower. Seriously, you can even email me, and I'll assemble your machine instead just because I don't want anyone to have to suffer through their nonsense web of "customer service" that you can't even understand or hear because they are on string + paper cup phones. Good afternoon!

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rapid1 replied on Mon, Feb 13 2012 8:16 PM

DAdams is MAD! Anyway anyone who gets a custom made laptop who does not use AVAdirect or a very few other assembly houses is nuts to me. I would go trough Cyberpower as well as they took care of me top to bottom. The funny thing is iBuyPower is owned by the parent company of Newegg I think or at least it seems from everything I have heard. The Egg always has top notch CS or at least has always done so with me for a very long time. Either way Cyberpower does flawless wiring the inside of there system you could eat of off (I won one from them and this very site years ago), and I am typing this message using it right now! I did upgrade my CPU Heatsink and I clean it out other oh and I put in 2 HD's to compliment the SSD they initially gave me on delivery. Either way Cyberpower (Or AVAdirect for a laptop specifcally) would be my choice if I was buying a premade system of any type.

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realneil replied on Mon, Feb 13 2012 8:46 PM

rapid1,.....You began talking about iBUYPOWER and finished with CyberPower PC. Big Smile

iBUYPOWER has been a prize sponsor here many times and we haven't seen any complaints from our prize winners yet. Only praise for the products that they're ~all~ still using. iBUYPOWER sells a lot of product and they're highly regarded on the web for making quality goods.

@DAdams: I will not change my mind about them because of your experiences and what you're saying. Are you sure that it's a motherboard? Have you tried a new power brick? Have you sent it in for evaluation by iBUYPOWER yet? These situations are hardly ever as cut and dry as they're made out to be.

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