AMD Quietly Rolls Out a Pair of Athlon II X4 Processors

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News Posted: Wed, Feb 8 2012 4:16 PM
AMD apparently isn't finished attaching its Athlon II moniker to Llano parts, as evidenced by a couple of new Athlon II X4 processors the chip maker quietly introduced this week. Specifically, AMD added the Athlon II X4 638 and 641 to its official product price list. Both of these are based on AMD's Llano architecture and ship without an integrated graphics core, but do slip into socket FM1 setups just like other Llano CPUs.

The Athlon II X4 638 is a quad-chip with four processing threads clocked at 2.7GHz. It has 4MB of L2 cache, a TDP of 65W, and is priced at $81.

Interestingly, the 641 is also priced at $81, but is 100MHz faster at 2.8GHz. It has a comparably high TDP at 100W, which is something to consider if you're building a small form factor system or any type of setup that requires low power. Otherwise, the 641 boasts the same amount of L2 cache (4MB) along with identical core and thread counts.
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Well, is anyone actually looking to buy one of these FM1 Athlons? Not that its a bad value, but if im going FM1 i want the benefit of the awesome IGPU on Llano. On a side note...AMD We Wants's TRINITY!

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If I want just a Quad Core CPU, I'll get a Phenom-II X4

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i think this was a bad move? and realneil don't go to the past stay in the present or future :) i know i know phenom is a good processor but still lets advance :)

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