Asus Unveils Triple Slot Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II Top Graphics Card

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News Posted: Mon, Feb 6 2012 3:39 PM
The Asus Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II TOP is a factory overclocked graphics card being pitched as the coolest and quietest 7970 money can buy. It's also the biggest. To keep thermals and noise in check, Asus slapped an ultra-wide cooling solution that, along with the PCB, takes up three three -- yes, THREE -- slots in your computer case.

All that space isn't wasted. Asus' exclusive DirecCU II is a dual-fan cooler with six copper heatpipes that make direct contact with the GPU. This new version has a 20 percent larger dissipation area than previous DirectCU coolers, giving it a cooling effectiveness that's 20 percent better and 14dB quieter compared to AMD's reference design.

Underneath the massive cooling solution is a beastly PCB with a 12-phase Super Allow Power design with digital voltage regulators to increase power efficiency, widen the voltage modulation range, and improve overall stability and longevity, Asus says. Enthusiasts will also find simple solder points to alter voltages directly on a hardware level for more precise modification.

The card itself has been factory overclocked to 900MHz on the GPU and 1,000MHz on the 3GB of GDDR5 memory.

No word yet on price or availability.
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I love these asus DirectCU cards, true performers.......the only down side is taking up 3 slots. Looking forward to seeing some benches for this behemoth.

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AKwyn replied on Mon, Feb 6 2012 8:22 PM

The last gen of DirectCu II cards seemed a bit disapointing from the reviews I read but I'm intrigued with what a custom designed card with a pretty damn impressive heatsink can do. I mean we've seen 7970's go to 1,000MHz when overclocked; perhaps they could go to 1,500MHz. It may be a pipe dream but with this card, who knows? Sure hope HH can get one of these in their labs to put it through it's paces.


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fat78 replied on Mon, Feb 6 2012 9:07 PM

I don't mind that it takes up three slots, but thats because i could probably only afford 1 of these so i wouldnt need my other slots for crossfire.

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People using crossfire won't buy this one, i guess. I will like to see this card performing vs others, just curiosity.Asus with its innovations just amaze me they don't only performs great but they look sexy as well.

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realneil replied on Mon, Feb 6 2012 11:25 PM

It's a beast and I like it!


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AKwyn replied on Tue, Feb 7 2012 7:20 PM

People using crossfire won't buy this one, i guess.

There are tons of cases out there with 8 or more slots and motherboards that have their PCI-E 16x slots spaced out by 2 so there is definately a market for these cards in Crossfire. Of course, airflow would be a problem but I'm guessing the guys purchasing this already have the big case and powerful airflow needed to cool these cards, and if that fails then they could watercool it; the non-reference PCB is worth more then the color in my opinion.


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jkbucksot replied on Thu, Feb 23 2012 2:04 PM

Why wouldn't people running xfire want this? I don't just want one I want two. I have been running my 2 5770s for a while now and got a nice tax return this year. Looking to dump it back into my rig.

BTW The case i have is the Cooler Master HAF X, and yes I have 4 220mm fans. Two on top to pull out, 1 in the front pushing and one on the side where i took the picture to push directly onto my gpus.

I am watercooling with the corsair hydro h70

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