Corning And Samsung Tag-Team On New OLED Glass Venture

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News Posted: Sat, Feb 4 2012 4:38 AM
New OLEDs? Oh, yeah, we'll take that. Corning (the makers of Gorilla Glass) and Samsung have teamed up on a new mobile display venture in order to build a new OLED glass. It's called an "equity venture," where the two will work to make specialty glass substrates for the rapidly expanding organic light emitting diode (OLED) device market. The new business will be located in Korea.

It'll combine Corning's Lotus Glass substrate technology and Samsung Mobile Display's OLED display expertise, this new entity will be well-positioned to provide outstanding product solutions for current and future OLED technologies, from handheld and IT devices to large TVs and beyond.

The newly formed entity will supply OLED backplane glass substrates for Samsung Mobile Display, as well as for the broader Korean market.

According to a recent NPD DisplaySearch report, OLED technology advanced rapidly in 2011, setting a trend that is forecasted to continue through this decade. They estimate that OLED display revenues will exceed $4 billion in 2011 (approximately 4% of flat panel display revenues), and will reach more than $20 billion (approximately 16% of the total display industry) by 2018.

Samsung is playing a leading role in this emerging market through its Galaxy mobile device products and Super OLED TV technology introduced in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Corning's ongoing advanced glass technology development includes a strong focus on high-performance displays. Most recently, this focus has been demonstrated through Corning's new Lotus™ Glass substrates, which deliver the higher processing temperatures and improved dimensional stability needed to produce the new high performance displays.
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That is a good news for future displays, very resistant with higher processing temperatures but I think you missed the quotations marks " " as you copied and pasted those parts from their website or you can copy and paste from an official website and not using  quotations marks? Maybe what your news is messing is where it came from ( source ) Let me know if i'm wrong just want to know---->


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Any glass project that has Corning involved is gonna be premium stuff. Add Samsung into the mix and technology will take off.

Before long, this will be an industry standard.

Thanks for the news Ray.

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MMonelli replied on Sun, Feb 5 2012 10:44 PM

OLED's can give you REAL love, oh yeah, VWozz your dreams of finding it will finally come true

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OSunday replied on Sun, Feb 5 2012 11:39 PM

Will the technology be limited to Samsung devices or would Samsung manufacture the parts for other companies as well like they do with certain components?

If its the first thing I mentioned then Samsung sure is gonna have a leg up on their competition with more durable quality display components

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