Linksys Launches New HomePlug AV Powerline Solutions

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News Posted: Tue, Jan 24 2012 11:36 PM
Is Powerline networking making a comeback? Possibly! After years of remaining relatively off the radar, Powerline tech has been popping up way more often of late. This week, Cisco announced a suite of Linksys HomePlug AV Powerline solutions that allow consumers to use their home network by using their existing home electrical wiring. The HomePlug AV Powerline standard provides speeds of up to 200 Mbps to bring streaming video, gaming, and other data-intensive applications to computers, tablets, consoles, televisions and other Ethernet-enabled devices. For those who are having trouble covering complex areas with solid wireless, 200Mbps through an existing wired network is nothing to sneeze at.

Powerline uses industry-standard HomePlug AV technology to turn any home wall socket into a network connection. Because no electrical reconfiguring or rewiring is necessary, networking can be delivered to remote areas of a house without expensive and inconvenient drilling and cable-laying. The compact, space-saving design of the Linksys Powerline family of products leaves room for other appliances to be plugged into the same outlet. Regular household 120-volt electrical service is unaffected by Powerline, nor will most household appliances interfere with Powerline transmissions.

The PLEK400 and PLSK400 are available today at major online retailers or at the Linksys online store while the PLW400 is planned for availability in March, with pricing ranging from $99.99 to $119.99.
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I've used Linksys powerline adapters for years (PLE300). The mistake most people make with them is plugging them into power strips. If you go directly into the way, they work really well. The older ones looked a bit sleeker, but these ones say "Cisco".

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definitely a comeback, I hope this will  help a lot of people who will need it.  

DangerRenegade says it worked for him(old version)

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