Plextor's Stand-Alone PlexEasy 8x DVD/CD Burner Debuts

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News Posted: Fri, Jan 13 2012 3:43 AM
Plextor's made a few announcements during the CES stretch, and here's another. The company has just revealed a snazzy new PlexEasy DVD/CD burner, which aims to provide PC-free backups. It's a stand-alone optical storage solution, consisting of a compact 8X DVD/CD Writer with a built-in SD/MMC card reader and a USB connector. It has the ability to connect directly to a wide variety of devices including both mass storage devices and Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) devices such cameras, smartphones, tablets, and camcorders.

Now for the first time, users can burn photos directly from a camera (point-and-shoot or DSLR) or smartphone (iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.) without going near a computer or learning a complicated software package. It's now a three-step process: 1) connect the device, 2) insert a disc, and 3) press a button to burn a backup.

PlexEasy's compatibility with mass storage devices enables the connection of MP3 players, flash drives, and external hard disks. Users can transfer videos, music, or other data from a device to a DVD/CD disc or from an SD card to an external storage device. By navigating the unit's intuitive menu, users can also duplicate data quickly and easily.

There's no mention of a price yet, but hopefully it'll be on store shelves soon.

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digitaldd replied on Mon, Jan 16 2012 9:45 AM

This is going to have to be cheap in order to sell IMHO..

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