Razer Displays PC Gaming Tablet Concept Dubbed “Fiona”

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News Posted: Tue, Jan 10 2012 3:50 PM
Razer took the wraps off of “Fiona”, a PC gaming tablet concept design, at CES this week. Though just a concept design, Fiona portends exciting things in the portable gaming world--specifically, the idea that portable gaming can be as immersive and natively awesome as desktop PC gaming.

Razer is packing in an Intel Core i7 processor into Fiona, whose other (projected) specs will include a 10.1-inch (1280x800) display; multi-touch capabilities; gyro, magnetometer, and accelerometer; force feedback; Dolby 7.1 surround sound; and WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 3.0. The tablet should cost less than $1,000, but Razer didn’t offer any further details on price.

Fiona will have a hybrid user interface consisting of the touchscreen and integrated dual game controllers with analog sticks and according to the design images, at least four buttons on each side. PC games (that are gamepad-enabed) will run on Fiona, with no need for an app version of a particular game or any other modifications.

Of course, with any concept design, you can bet the farm that the finished product--if it ever becomes a finished product--won’t be as beautiful, may have weaker specs, and in general won’t be as titillating, but in this case, we’ll let ourselves feel giddy about the possibilities anyway. We want one of these, now.

Besides, Razer says that developer units are coming soon, and the product should ship in Q4 this year.

Project Fiona – the only tablet in the world designed for PC gaming

Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Nevada, - Jan 10th, 2012 – Razer™, the world leader in high performance gaming hardware, is proud to announce their newest gaming concept design – the Project Fiona PC Gaming Tablet. Unlike other tablets designed for general use and casual gaming, Project Fiona is a tablet concept designed to play the most popular PC games of today with an intuitive control setup for a phenomenal on-the-go gaming experience.

Powered by Intel® Core™ i7

Razer worked closely with Intel to harness the power of its third generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor in Project Fiona. As a result, Razer’s tablet is more akin to a fully functioning PC; and yet in a form factor and platform highly familiar to everybody.

Instead of relying on developers to work on a suite of brand new applications for Project Fiona, many PC games today run natively on the tablet concept without the need to be ported, optimized, or developed from scratch.

Moreover, Project Fiona will feature one of the most powerful processors integrated in a tablet form factor. Instead of the casual and mobile-only games that run on under-powered tablets, Project Fiona will run full-fledged PC games that have never run on a tablet form factor before until today.

“Project Fiona’s combination of high performance Intel-based gaming hardware and innovative tablet design is specifically focused for PC gamers. It will unleash the PC gamer to play their existing and future high-end games in one of the most exciting new form factors – a tablet,” said Brad Graff, Director of Partner Marketing, Netbook & Tablet Group, Intel.

PC Gaming User Interface Designed For a Tablet Form Factor

Razer’s multi-award winning user interface and ergonomics team have developed an all-new hybrid user interface scheme for Project Fiona. Featuring integrated dual game controllers with ultra-precise analog sticks, Project Fiona runs gamepad-enabled PC games right out of the box.

Along with the game controllers, Project Fiona is also designed with ultra-precise accelerometers and a highly sensitive multi-touch screen. This provides game developers with new game experiential opportunities to develop around the hybrid game control experience offered by Project Fiona. It also ensures current-generation PC games run on the tablet concept, as well as any existing games optimized for the touchscreen interface of a tablet.

Future games developed for Fiona are expected to take advantage of not just the integrated gamepad controls but also integrate core game functionality controls for the touchscreen and accelerometer-based controls.

“While multi-touch screens have become the de facto user interface for tablets, they are not the right interface for serious PC gaming,” said Min-Liang Tan, CEO, Razer. “The user interface we have designed for Project Fiona allows all existing PC games to be played right out of the box and also provides game developers new opportunities as they develop next-gen games on a highly-intuitive platform. Both developers and gamers are going to love the new user interface that combines the best of a gamepad, multi-touch screen and accelerometers for an all-new gaming experience on-the-go.”

The Most Immersive Gaming Experience on a Tablet

To further intensify the gaming experience with Project Fiona, Razer’s integrated dual controllers deliver full force feedback, so every explosion or gun recoil can be felt in the gamer’s hands.

THX® Ltd., which works with many of the world’s most innovative audio and video home entertainment manufacturers, agrees that the tablet adds tremendous flexibility to a gamer’s lifestyle. “Video games, music and entertainment that previously were mainly enjoyed within the home can now be enjoyed anywhere through tablets such as the Razer Concept PC Gaming Tablet,” said Chris Golson, Senior Director, Business Development, THX.

Developer units of the Project Fiona Concept PC Gaming Tablet will be made available soon. Interested parties should email developer@razerzone.com for more information. Project Fiona will be on display at Razer’s booth in South Hall 3, #31473.

About the Project Fiona Concept PC Gaming Tablet

Project Fiona is the only tablet in the world designed for PC gaming.

Price: Estimated below USD $1,000

Availability: Actual product shipping Q4 2012

For more information about the Project Fiona Concept PC Gaming Tablet, please visit www.razerzone.com/projectfiona
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Aoshi replied on Tue, Jan 10 2012 5:12 PM

Interesting. Very. But would I buy it? No.

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Inspector replied on Tue, Jan 10 2012 7:10 PM

It looks like an ipad wit wii remotes slapped on to it :). Are those remotes removable? I would make it removable just so there is more of a use then only gaming.

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OSunday replied on Tue, Jan 10 2012 10:57 PM

Whats gonna be pushing the graphics, a powerful processor is great but it can't do everything on its own

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Impressive proof of concept, but I'm skeptical that portable hardcore HD gaming will be ready for primetime anytime soon.

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zan5hin replied on Tue, Jan 10 2012 11:34 PM

If this ever came to market, they would have to increase the screen resolution. With a slew of Android tablets already announced with high resolution displays (and possibly the iPad 3) then it looks pretty silly having a tablet with high end specs like this but with a poorer screen than the high-end 2012 tablets. My next tablet will be 1080p and the target market for this machine would be people like us who care about specs.

Maybe the graphics card won't be able to push out gaming at such a high res, but that is another issue.

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detnight replied on Wed, Jan 11 2012 12:58 AM

I want one. I would spent 500-600 but not 1000

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Jan 11 2012 9:41 PM

It looks cool but the I'm not wild about the whole controllers attached to the tablet feature, mainly because it can be duplicated and put onto any tablet. Sure, it does contain power and run Windows but then again, what can it offer that other tablets cannot?

Razer is disappointing when it comes to introducing gaming systems, they should just stick to peripherals.


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CDeeter replied on Wed, Jan 11 2012 9:48 PM

Um, does Shrek approve of the name? Lol

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It kind of looks like a big PSP

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