Dropbox Automator Creates Reactions For File Drops

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News Posted: Sat, Dec 31 2011 5:39 PM
Good news for heavy Dropbox users that seem to always find themselves sorting the same type of files over and over again: the company has just launched Dropbox Automator, which does what it says. It'll automatically do whatever you want with a certain kind of file. In other words, the system is capable of triggering a series of actions based on what kind of file that you've added. They can be triggered by file type or by what folder they're dumped into. The options are fairly robust; for example, you can create an automatic option that converts a document to PDF, upload something to Google Documents, translate a foreign document, etc. Photos can even be automatically piped over to Facebook, and any file can be e-mailed, renamed, sent to an FTP, saved to yet another Dropbox or even Tweeted.

Users seem to find the changes quite pleasing, with the only major gripe being that the automations aren't instant; sometimes they take a few minutes to flush through. But it's still free for those okay with just 2GB of storage -- so how can you really complain?
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rolandt25 replied on Sun, Jan 1 2012 12:42 PM

Ray, thanks for the article - one thing for clarification: Dropbox Automator is provided by Wappwolf (www.wappwolf.com), they are only using the API of Dropbox to access the service. Cheers

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