Lenovo IdeaPad U300s Ultrabook Goes Up for Pre-Order

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News Posted: Wed, Dec 14 2011 3:56 PM
We're slowly starting to the see the Ultrabook market flesh out as more manufactures scoot new models out the door. One of the latest to do so is Lenovo, who has begun accepting pre-orders for its top-flight U300s. The one that's available is fully loaded (comparatively speaking, of course) and sells for a wallet-busting $1,500, but you can bet lower priced models are in the pipeline.

The U300s is a 13.3-inch Ultrabook with a 1366x768 screen resolution. Specs included on the $1,500 model include:
  • Intel Core i7 2677M processor (1.8GHz, 4MB cache)
  • 4GB of DDR3-1333 memory
  • 256GB solid state drive
  • 1.3MP webcam
  • Multi-touch trackpad
  • 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • HDMI output
  • 4-cell battery
  • Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

It weighs less than 2.91 pounds and is 0.59 inches thick at its slimmest point. According to Lenovo, you can expect to squeeze up to 8 hours of use or 30 days of standby time out of the 4-cell battery.

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Ouch on the price, But the battery life seems quite good for only a 4 cell. I would imagine the performance of the machine is not to shabby either. I wonder what the battery life is with everything on full blast.

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AKnudson replied on Wed, Dec 14 2011 4:22 PM

This doesn't look tha great, what does lenovo have to offer that mac and asus haven't already and they have done it for less? they don't have the inconic mac logo they don't have the deadly zenbook they just have an expensive Meh product. for that price i could buy an alienware laptop that could eat this computer. and it would probably be thinner and more awesome. i am throughly angry at lenovo for waisting their time.

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woooow, on the price. i hope its as good as a macbook for that amount..

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Dec 14 2011 5:23 PM

Super small with performance weighing almost nothing how do you beat that really

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The price point is very steep. No doubt, but in 6-12 months prices should fall a bit. I have a 17" laptop that weighs around 7lbs, which can feel like a ton over an entire day when lugging it around.

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Inspector replied on Wed, Dec 14 2011 10:38 PM

Hey if u want the goods, you got to pay the full price :D. Looks real slim and full of great features.

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ajm135 replied on Thu, Dec 15 2011 10:18 PM

I really like that orange one

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