MSI+ App Makes Spec Hunting, Power Consumption Calculations A Breeze

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News Posted: Mon, Dec 12 2011 8:39 AM
What if you could control aspects of your motherboard and computer as a whole... from your smartphone? You can. MSI has just released their MSI+ app, described as a premium service for mobile users. Due to the prevalence of smartphones, making an interactive tool that connecting users and industries has being a trend. Now, MSI breaks the typical image of hardware manufacturer to create a tailor-made app that emphasizes the idea of user experience.

The MSI+ APP covers News, Video, Match, Specs, Manual and Calculator six categories. Except accessing the MSI's latest news, users can also efficiently learn a lot of product characteristics and specifications from a comparison list, and then to pick up the matched one. It is noteworthy that Calculator, one of MSI+'s features, can automatically evaluate the power consumption after users input the type and quantity of needed components. Furthermore, the MSI Afterburner iOS app enables easy overclocking for those with products that support it. Before long, just thinking about an overclock will be enough to make it so.

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realneil replied on Mon, Dec 12 2011 11:20 AM

The race towards ~perfect~ technology continues,...........although someone is always out there to complain about some aspect of it.

I like it. I embrace it. This all just makes our lives better over time.

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cool idea, but kind of weird to have on your phone.

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omegadraco replied on Mon, Dec 12 2011 11:47 AM

I tested the MSI afterburner app and it was pretty cool. I certainly wouldn't hurt to have access to all these sources of information and the power calculator. Especially if you are someone who is always building new PC's

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Inspector replied on Mon, Dec 12 2011 1:57 PM

I had trouble setting up the afterburner connection from my phone to my computer so i gave up... lol So this app is a power consumption calculator?

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Going to have to grab this to check how accurate the calculator is. I find a lot of them to be way off, either over or under powering resulting in people running at 50% at full load meaning at idle theyll be below 10% (maybe even 5%) and thus highly inefficient.

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