Google Shows The Evolution Of Search In Six Minute Video Clip

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 28 2011 12:44 PM
Ever wondered how search really works? Ever wondered how Google actually works? Some of that will probably remain a mystery for years to come, but a new video shown off by Google does a fair bit of explaining. The company admits that they make around 500 improvements to search in a typical year. Perhaps not surprisingly, search is constantly evolving, and Google's doing everything they can to stay one step ahead. The video showcases some intricate details of Universal Results, Quick Answers and The Future of Search, and if you're interested in seeing how the world wide web ticks (at least through Google's eyes), the video below is a must-watch.

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AKwyn replied on Mon, Nov 28 2011 3:30 PM

Well it's certainly interesting for those who haven't read about Google already... Surprising that 9/11 was their motivation to find a way to get search results quicker. I mean had it not been 9/11, what would of it had been? Possibly another terrorist event...

Besides that, it's still an interesting video.


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That was a ridiculously interesting video. Wow look at all those Apple's in that one shot lol. It really cool to hear about how search as evolved with Google. Normally I don't even think about it the changes are just something that happen. One thing that I find interesting is that with all of these changes Google has been able to keep their UI pretty consistent and simplified.

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Manduh replied on Mon, Nov 28 2011 10:56 PM

I really enjoyed watching this and found it pretty interesting too. I'm like you Omega, I don't notice a lot of the changes either. I'm sure that's because the changes are always for the better! Unlike Facebook, when they change something I notice because it's always something I hate lol.

Google is my homepage, will always be. It's by far the my most used site, frequency wise and time spent on it. I couldn't even imagine using another search engine.

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Aoshi replied on Tue, Nov 29 2011 3:53 AM

I remembering thinking how easy it was to just make something search the internet for everything. This was when I was younger thinking I was a computer genius hehe. Now I know how difficult it is.

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