T-Mobile USA Gaining White Galaxy S II "In The Coming Weeks"

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News Posted: Thu, Nov 24 2011 2:35 AM
Samsung isn't saying much here, but really, there isn't a lot to say. The Galaxy S II that's already on T-Mobile USA's network will soon be joined by... another Galaxy S II. This time, however, it will be white in color. The white GSII is already making the rounds overseas, but it's just now touching down in the States. The full statement is below, and while no pricing is given, we're assuming it'll land between $100-$200 on contract, and will be here "in the coming weeks."

Samsung Mobile is excited to announce T-Mobile will launch a new white color option of the Samsung Galaxy S II in time for the holidays. We’ll have more information to share about when and where customers can pick up the white version in the coming weeks.
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rapid1 replied on Thu, Nov 24 2011 10:14 PM

Yup and AT&T is realizing they will never get there greedy hands on T-Mobile to choke them to death now as well!

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