Lenovo Slips Out Sleek, Sexy IdeaCentre Q180 Desktop

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News Posted: Wed, Nov 23 2011 3:40 AM
Like small? Like sleek? Like Lenovo? If so, the company has a machine they'd like to sell you, and it's a newcomer by the name of IdeaCentre Q180. It's a slim and compact rig, with Full HD graphics, 7.1 surround sound, plus an optional Blu-ray Disk drive supporting Blu-ray 3D playback, along with a number of other features that allow the Q180 to double as a mobile home theater system.

You'll find a dual-core Atom CPU, 750GB HDD (or 128GB of SSD), DirectX 11 support, a compact wireless multimedia remote, with a built-in mini-keyboard and mouse, VGA/HDMI outputs, USB 3.0, an 8-in-1 card reader, and a chassis that's just 22mm thick. You'll also get 4GB of DDR3 memory, 802.11bgn Wi-Fi, and support for VESA mounting. The IdeaCentre Q180 will be available November 22 on Lenovo.com starting at $349. The Q180 will also be sold through select retailers and on www.lenovo.com. Not bad for a studio PC or a secondary machine.

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omegadraco replied on Wed, Nov 23 2011 11:32 AM

Very cool. I like that you can mount it to the back of your television. I still would rather build my own though their is just something about putting it together yourself.

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rapid1 replied on Wed, Nov 23 2011 1:07 PM

This is very nice the only thing I question in it would be the ATOM dual core. The AMD option in this type of configuration seems to be better all the way around to me. I imagine it would also probably drop that price to at least $300 or below as well, be more energy efficient, more graphically capable, and run cooler as well from what I am hearing!

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RSmith replied on Sat, Dec 3 2011 2:13 AM

Looks like a Wii knockoff, lol, only much better, and with more potential.  I like the design, but not the stand.  It needs a better designed stand :)

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