Ford Promises MyTouch Updates For 2013 Models, And Older Owners

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News Posted: Mon, Nov 7 2011 2:23 AM
In-car entertainment and information is finally getting with the program. Ford has just announced performance upgrades and new features for MyFord Touch beginning with 2013 models, but perhaps more importantly, no-charge upgrade will be available to existing owners. The new system will feature simpler graphics that are easier to use and that's exactly what Ford plans to deliver with a broad set of performance upgrades to the system – launching first on the new 2013 Ford Escape, Flex, and Taurus.

Available early next year – and also offered at no charge to existing MyFord Touch owners – the software upgrade enhances the ownership experience as it was developed by listening and responding to customer feedback. The new touch-screen interface features new simpler graphics and controls that are easier to use. Customers will also experience significantly faster touch-screen response times, one of the top requests from owners. New features include support for tablet devices and audiobooks, improved navigation maps and enhanced voice recognition interaction. The visual enhancements to MyFord Touch are based on simplifying the graphics with larger, bolder fonts, removing low-priority visual content, and designing screens based on a consistent pattern. More than 1,000 screens in total have been updated with the improved look.

The new fonts are as much as 40 percent larger on redesigned screens. The fonts also are wider and bolder to provide easier legibility, particularly among the rapidly increasing number of drivers age 60 and older. Ford also took the opportunity to update the performance of the system and add new features for customers to help them keep pace with the fast-moving consumer electronics market. Faster touch-screen response time, for example, was a key request from owners. Initial testing shows that touch and voice response is at least two times faster than the current system. Users can also expect improved voice recognition, voice commands used in conjunction with navigation are simplified through elimination of the need to provide street direction, e.g., "Main Street" instead of "North Main Street" and music requests are simpler by removing the need to include the additional song, album or artist information often found at the end of a name in (parenthesis) or [brackets].

So, how long until auto-drive, again?
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"So, how long until auto-drive, again?"

You mean its not already out? :D lol

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I like what they're doing with technology in cars.  These little Fords have got it goin' on.

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I agree, I've been looking at the 5 door focus pretty hard. The 2012 ST is pretty sweet. The technology in them is amazing. I really like how the newer cars tell you when the oil needs to be changed too.

Now you're just mashing it!

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arabellaB replied on Wed, Nov 9 2011 12:15 AM

Ford's cutting-edge touch-screen infotainment encounter MyFord Touch will obtain an upgrade by early next year, reports the Detroit Free Press. Sources suggest that grievances that the old system was not fast enough and cluttered prompted the update. Current owners of a MyFord Touch-equipped Ford automobile will be able to update totally free. MyFord Touch upgrades to appear in 2013 models . It's getting better all the time. The upcoming version of MyFord Touch will appear in the 2013 Ford Taurus, Flex and Escape. Owners will be sent a USB stick with any software upgrades. Self-installation is possible, but the less technically inclined will have the option of going to a Ford dealership for a free installation.

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