HBO GO Streaming Now To Roku

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News Posted: Sat, Nov 5 2011 8:45 PM
Roku users should listen up: HBO GO is a GO. If you're an HBO GO subscriber, and you also own a Roku box, you can now get unlimited access to over 1,400 of your favorite HBO shows, including HBO original series, hit movies, sports, comedy specials–plus bonus features, and more. It's probably just one of many streaming deals to land in HBO's court in the coming months, but what's most interesting here is that HBO GO is already available in typical Web browsers for HBO subscribers. But if you already own a Roku box, it's just more convenient. Plus, HBO on demand may not have everything at once; on your Roku, the whole catalog is there.

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rapid1 replied on Sun, Nov 6 2011 10:49 AM

I remember when Comcast got there instant streaming I knew that was it. Yes netflix etc was cool but why use that when you can just order it instantly while still being able to FF, RW, and pause. As long as I can control the media I don't need physical media really. If it is a movie I will watch multiple times I might buy the DVD but even for that why. I mean if I can just grab it on demand for 4-5.99 when it is first released in that way, and then if I want to watch it again it is 1.99 in the future, well that is cheaper than 10 dollars for watching a movie twice.

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acarzt replied on Mon, Nov 7 2011 8:49 AM

Time warner cable needs to get with the program... I'm an HBO subscriber but I can't get HBO Go because time warner is not on board :-|

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Bloody Hell, no! Why would I subscribe to HBO Go? It's just another *EXTRA COST* "service" on top of the already astronomical cable TV bill. Since I can't get a cafe menu of channels that I want, the moment our contract is up I am finished with everything except "basic cable" (because we can't get over-the-air TV where I live, so I need basic for the local stations). Everything else is either available from Nowhere.TV (on the Roku), or is non-essential.

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