Gigabyte Shows Off G1.Assassin 2 X79 Express-Based Motherboard

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News Posted: Wed, Oct 19 2011 3:27 PM

Although we’re still a while away from the official launch of Intel’s X79 Express chipset and next-gen Sandy Bridge-E processors, Gigabyte has decided to show off their latest G1-Killer motherboard, the GIGABYTE G1.Assassin 2.

“Today we have a special treat for those of you who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our forthcoming X79 series motherboards, with a glimpse of the GIGABYTE G1. Assassin 2 in all its glory; the first G1-Killer series board to support Intel Core processors for the 2011 socket.

As with all 
GIGABYTE G1-Killer motherboards, the emphasis is on serious gaming performance, with onboard audio and networking processors that ensure you’re getting the ultimate 3D gaming experience. Bigfoot Networks’ Killer E2100 platform is again present and correct on the G1.Assassin 2 to make sure your pings are as low as possible and provide advanced network and application management. And as you’d expect, there’s the onboard Creative Soundblaster X-Fi digital audio processor, providing HD audio fidelity akin to that of a high-end discrete add-in sound card.

Surely the most eye-catching feature on the G1.Assassin 2 is the revised and updated ‘Locked and Loaded’ heatsink array. After all, what’s the point of assembling one of the deadliest and fiercest 3D gaming rigs ever, if doesn’t actually look the part?”

There are more pictures of the board posted on Gigabyte’s Facebook page as well. You can expect a full review of this, and a number of other Intel X79 Express-based motherboard here on HotHardware once the platform officially launches sometime this quarter.

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"ROFl, I was just about to post this in the forum. Anyhow, Damn, That Heatsink looks coool. Hope it doesn't cause trouble at the airport if you are attending a Lan Party outside your state. This board, just like it X58 counterpart has all the goodies a gamer needs. Expect to pay a premium as well. Love the green and black scheme. "

Edit** "Looks way better than the prototype unveiled at IDF, to bad Intel dropped support for SAS and more native Sata 3 port."

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Inspector replied on Wed, Oct 19 2011 5:36 PM

that heat sink looks wicked, only issue is the skull, doesn't really fit in?

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Oct 19 2011 6:08 PM

Damn, That Heatsink looks coool. Hope it doesn't cause trouble at the airport if you are attending a Lan Party outside your state.

I don't think it even can... They'll probably be confused when they try to pull the "gun" out, and then be embarrased because they actually thought it was a gun when it was only a heatsink.


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@Inspector the skull has a military beret on and a marine boot knife in its mouth. I believe it is supposed to relate to their military grade components.

My wife so would not let me bring this board into my house... she has a thing about guns real or fake. Plus I sort of think the heatsink is a bit ugly.

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I want to see some benchmarks.

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realneil replied on Thu, Oct 20 2011 12:43 AM

There seems to be a lot more to get excited about here on the Intel side of the house. Bulldozer seems to be more of a Bullsnoozer instead of stirring things up like we were led to believe it would.

Some of these X79 boards have 8 memory slots and ~Quad-Channel~ memory on home enthusiast boards!

Wouldn't running 32GB, or even 64GB of RAM be sweet?

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gazd1 replied on Thu, Oct 20 2011 8:59 AM

This looks like another good one by Gigabyte. I may even buy this myself if I can save enough cash when it comes out soon. After seeing that Canon Camera article on Hot Hardware the other day made me think of getting that one also. So I guess that I may not have enough spare funds for all now. Although I still have my good old online gaming pc, so I may stick to the Canon camera instead.

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