Asus Eee Pad Slider Hands-On Video Demo

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News Posted: Wed, Oct 5 2011 11:26 AM
The Asus Eee Pad Slider is a break-out device, much in the way the Asus Eee Pad Transformer broke the mold not so long ago when it was announced.  Though it's built on the same base NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform that many 10.1 Android Honeycomb slates are these days, the Slider offers a netbook-like slide-out keyboard solution that takes the standard tablet experience to a whole new level. For not a lot more size and weight (or cost for that matter), you also get a full-sized USB port and HDMI output with Slider. 

We stepped through the device in detail in our full review recently, but today we thought we'd update our coverage with a quick video demo of the Slider in action.  Enjoy and be sure to check out the full review, if you haven't seen it already.

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Great Review Dave I was I really like the water level feature that is unique.

The lack of a mouse pad is puzzling but I guess it was to keep the footprint small.

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"Nice video, I agree, that water animation looks great. Will it spill around and follow the Tablet if its rotated 360? Seeing this video, like ThunderBird said ,putting a mouse pad would have hinder the typing experience, something that can easily be solve by connecting a cheap mouse. But anyhow, Asus will probably add a trackpad or mouse pad in the Second iteration of the Eee pad slider."

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Oct 5 2011 2:53 PM

The lack of a mouse pad is puzzling but I guess it was to keep the footprint small.

Seeing the tablet in action, I guess your comment has merit. I mean just look at the tablet, adding a trackpad to it would just ruin the economics of it. Still, a trackpad would at least be nice for web browsing/document editing... Guess they'll include a cheap mouse in the next iteration of the tablet.


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It's capable of connecting with blue tooth so there is nothing to say that someone who must have a mouse for some reason cannot connect a wireless mouse to the thing with ease. I think the point of not including a mouse was to keep the footprint down and for the simple fact that it is easy enough to use one if you want.

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