Amazon Launches $79 Kindle, $99 Kindle Touch And $149 Touch 3G E-Readers

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News Posted: Thu, Sep 29 2011 6:29 AM
The Kindle Fire wasn't the only new product to launch during this week's Amazonfest. The company went all-out by introducing a whole slew of new products, including a $79 keyboard-less Kindle, a touchscreen-based Kindle and a renamed "Kindle Keyboard," with a lower-than-ever-before $99 starting price point. In a nutshell, Amazon finally pushed the price points on their e-readers down to a point where many folks may consider picking one up just to have one, even if they don't have a serious need for an e-reader at the moment. Impulse buys, and all that jazz.

The new bottom-end Kindle lacks a keyboard, but starts at just $79 for the ad-supported model. If you need a bit more, the new Kindle Touch (which includes a reimagined user interface designed specifically for touch) is available for $99, though that also includes ads. The Kindle Touch 3G is a real boon for travelers, as the 3G service is supported globally with no extra roaming fees; that model is priced at $149.

Will Barnes & Noble step it up and slash the price of their Nook family, or introduce new models to compete? Only time will tell, but it's looking like e-readers might just be the stocking-stuffer-of-the-year come Christmas 2011.
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rrplay replied on Thu, Sep 29 2011 8:06 AM

great news to start off the day ,with very affordable choices ,yep I'm with you that these e-reader just might be the most practical stock stuffer on the Holiday Season . ,liked and shared this puppy asap :) thanks

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omegadraco replied on Thu, Sep 29 2011 11:51 AM

Hmm I see a present for the wifey in her future :P can't be the prices. I guess Amazon is banking on making money off the books they sell sort of like many Game console producers releasing consoles at a loss and making money off accessories and games.

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digitaldd replied on Tue, Oct 4 2011 10:44 AM

The new $79 Kindle has no speaker or headphone jack so no audio/audible/audiobook support.  But other than that it seems to be the way to go..

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