Deutsche Telekom Begins iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Pre-Announcement

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News Posted: Tue, Sep 6 2011 9:29 AM
It hasn't even been announced yet, but the German carrier Deutsche Telekom is offering pre-orders for the iPhone 5 to customers. The carrier is reportedly concerned about supply shortfalls at the launch of the next-generation iPhone, which are often typical when Apple releases a new version of its smartphone.

The "offer" is not being widely publicized, nor is it available on the carrier's site. Instead customers need to go to a brick-and-mortar store in order to "sign up" for a pre-order.

Once there, store employees will give the customer a "premiere ticket," which can be redeemed for a pre-order for the iPhone 5. The coupon does not mention either date, details of the device, or even its name. It's unclear, as of yet, if the device will be dubbed the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, or something different.
The system is first-come, first-serve, and allows one ticket per customer. Customers must be eligible for an upgrade or contract extension.

Despite DT's statement about possible supply shortfalls, there's another reason for the early pre-orders: this next-generation iPhone will be that Deutsche Telekom will not have exclusivity over the iPhone in Germany at launch. Vodafone and O2 began selling the iPhone last October.

Additionally, since the deal for its T-Mobile USA acquisition by AT&T seems teetering, it certainly can't hurt DT to get a leg up on its German rivals.
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LLeCompte replied on Tue, Sep 6 2011 12:14 PM

i hear they are also taking preorders for T-mobile USA. Being that cell companies are in short supply in the US, they felt they would open up the bidding early so that they can get rid of a fine company that they mis-managed.

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AKwyn replied on Tue, Sep 6 2011 6:45 PM

I don't know about mismanged but I do have to agree that selling T-Mobile would be a bad decision; I mean sure, I may not have an official stance for this merger but T-Mobile does provide competition in this cellular market.


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So it basically sounds like they are saying no new iPhone for you unless you preorder. I wonder if Apple is in on this so they know what type of demand they are going to have for the phone.

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