LG's Dual Play TV Gives Gamers Separate Views On The Same Panel

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News Posted: Mon, Sep 5 2011 8:00 AM
Sony recently introduced a television that would allow two players to view the same screen while playing multiplayer. The idea was to decouple the 3D effect in order to mask one player's view from the other, giving each of them a 2D view of their own part of the game. It's a brilliant idea, and it seems that Sony isn't the only one to agree. LG has just revealed a new Dual Play TV range that will allow gamers to use the same TV, while showing different perspectives to each.

The LW980T allows Xbox 360 gamers to see different views on the very same panel, enabling them to do away with split-screen gaming for good. It too uses 3D technology, with each gamer getting a different set of "all-right" or "all-left" passive glasses. A compatible Xbox title is needed for the puzzle to be completed, enabling users to see their own 2D game image while their rival sees their own as well.

LG's TVs will be 47" and 55", which is far more sizable than Sony's 24" PlayStation 3D TV. Pricing won't be easy to swallow, either. They'll retail for around $3000 and $4000, respectively, when they hit the market later in the month. Pretty penny to kill split-screen, huh?
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kind of cool, no more snooping on the other screen to find out where they are hiding.

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Inspector replied on Mon, Sep 5 2011 11:14 AM

For that price? i rather get another 360 and a tv and play in the next room...

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Haha, I am with you on that Inspector. This is certainly an awesome piece of technology and will make game playing a better experience. As the tech becomes cheaper I would gladly put one in my home.

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This seems like a great idea, until your roommate walks in on you playing with your friend and has a seizure after glancing at the TV.

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"For that price you can get a 360, a PS3 and a TV for every room, and bathroom in the house."

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Definitely a neat concept, but a little too pricey for me at the moment :)

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Definitely a neat concept, in terms of advancement of technology as well as problem solving for split-screen gamers. However... for $3000 you can buy two 40 inch Samsung plasma TV's (which looks amazing with my xbox) and 2 Xbox 360s and several games and still have over $1000 left over for food, beer, rent or whatever gets you off, putting an end to the need to share a screen/tv or share a console. In a nutshell, for the price, the alternative is much nicer.

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AKwyn replied on Thu, Sep 8 2011 3:55 AM

See! I told you Sony's technology would be replicated!

Though I do admit that it is a bit pricy, a lot of 3DTV's are still pricy as ***. Still, let's hope LG can slash $1000-$1500 off the price tag.


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