ERPLY Intros iPad Credit Card / NFC Payment Solution

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News Posted: Tue, Aug 23 2011 5:42 AM
If there's one thing blowing up in the tech universe this year, it's mobile payments. PayPass, Google Wallet, NFC and others have taken off, starting in Asia years ago, and now being embraced North America.

It shouldn't come as any surprise, then, that a company most people have never heard of is getting into the game. ERPLY, a provider of cloud-­-based mobile, laptop, and desktop point-of-sale (POS) and retail inventory management solutions, has just announced the ERPLY mobile credit card reader for handheld mobile devices to deliver secure, fast and convenient payments for businesses large and small.

The ERPLY reader is designed to meet the demands of customers and retailers today and in the future, since it is enabled for traditional credit card processing as well as the new NFC payment options just coming to market. The credit card device connects to an iPad or iPhone and transmits a customer's encrypted credit card data to the ERPLY POS software and inventory management software suite to process payments. This gives retailers the ability to view real-­time data and inventory analytics through the ERPLY inventory management system.

The ERPLY reader is priced at $50 with a 1.9% transaction fee, considerably less than fees charged by competing technologies offered by Square and Verifone. With the reader, a retailer simply attaches the device to an iPad or iPhone's charging port and this communicates with the ERPLY POS software to process the transaction and record the sale in inventory. The credit card information is encrypted inside the device, ensuring that the transaction is safe and secure. A sales person can be assisting a customer with information about a camera, for example, use the ERPLY inventory software to check on inventory, go to the storeroom and collect a particular model, and use the same iPad with the credit card reader to process the customer's credit card right there on the store sales floor. The customer is then sent an email or text message receipt.

The ERPLY mobile credit card reader is available now for the iPad and will be available within three months for the iPhone. The ERPLY reader works exclusively with the ERPLY POS and inventory management solution.
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realneil replied on Tue, Aug 23 2011 9:37 AM

It sounds a little too easy to cheat people with. What's to stop them from 'racking up a few sales' after you're gone and swearing that you really did buy the merchandise?

Maybe I'm not as trusting as I should be,.......

Dogs are great judges of character, and if your dog doesn't like somebody being around, you shouldn't trust them.

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The reader shown here is a MagTek iDynamo, secured by the MagneSafe™ Security Architecture (MSA)

1) The iDynamo contains a unique encryption key that automatically self-generates one-million successive distinct keys.

2) The iDynamo is built in the USA and by design is tamper resistant and tamper evident.

3) The iDynamo encrypts all the data within the confines of the magnetic head.

4) The iDynamo is capable of device/host mutual authentication.

5) The iDynamo can detect and notify the user when a connection to a genuine host has been established.

6) The iDynamo can manage session security, so that swipes can be time bounded.

7) The iDynamo has the ability to see more data.

8) The iDynamo can also determine if the data on the card has been altered.

9) The iDynamo can generate unique tokens at the point of swipe.

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omegadraco replied on Tue, Aug 23 2011 12:34 PM

All these wireless payment solutions make me nervous. I won't even get a credit card with an RFID chip in it for those same reasons. There will always be someone who finds a way to exploit the system.

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