Google Maps Wants to Talk about the Weather

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News Posted: Fri, Aug 19 2011 1:24 PM
With all due respect to meteorologists, the weather makes for a boring topic and the only time it should be discussed is when planning a trip or organizing an outside event. With that in mind, it only seems logical that Google would integrate a weather layer onto Google Maps, and that's exactly what the sultan of search has done.

The weather layer shows current temperatures and conditions all over the planet, so unless the forecasts suddenly changes, you'll know if you're heading into a snowstorm on your cross-country trip.

You access the weather layer by hovering over the widget in the upper right corner and selecting it from the list of options. Zoom out to see current temps and conditions (as represented by self-explanatory icons) as provided by Cloud coverage is included too, courtesy of the U.S. Naval Research Lab, and Google says if you look closely, you can see if its day or night around the world by looking at the sun and moon icons, which could prove particularly helpful for those in a long distance relationship.

Yes, there really is a Kamalazoo!

There's a bit of interactive play baked into the weather layer, too. Clicking on an icon for any given city brings up a window that displays more detailed data, such as humidity and wind conditions, and a four-day forecast.
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rrplay replied on Fri, Aug 19 2011 2:03 PM

OK pretty cool and convenient .and will certainly likely to be well received and appreciated at times.

meanwhile ..

How about a holographic imaged spokes model weather gal along side the mouse pad similar to the holographic flight attendants being developed in France ? ...more of a Gidget rather than a widget

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Inspector replied on Fri, Aug 19 2011 5:03 PM

Nice, now if i were to plan a trip i won't need to open up another tab for the weather!

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It will be interesting to see if Google will integrate this feature with their Navigation App on the Android OS. A GPS that warns about a weather change ahead on the route could prevent accidents.

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