Smart Modular's 1.6TB SSD Is Wildly Fast, Only For Enterprise

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News Posted: Sat, Aug 6 2011 1:14 PM
Whoa, the world's fastest in something? And then, the fastest in SSD? Sign us up! Tons of companies try to claim "fastest this" and "fastest that," but Smart Modular may have a point. The company's newest device is being called the world's fastest multi-level cell and highest capacity SAS SSD, leveraging the company's Guardian technology. It's obviously tailor made for enterprise applications, featuring a native Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) 6Gb/s interface and up to 1.6TB usable capacity. Those are pretty jaw-dropping stats, and as with most enterprise storage devices, we suspect that consumers will be drooling to get one.

Available in 200GB, 400GB, 800GB, and 1.6TB usable capacities, the new 2.5" SAS SSD features read/write speeds of 100K/50K random IOPS and 500/500MB/s sustained transfer rates. The Optimus SSD also includes support for wide-port SAS capability, providing up to 1GB/s sustained read performance in applications equipped to support this advanced feature. It is designed to deliver these impressive performance numbers consistently across any data type over the life of the product.

Thus, you shouldn't be surprised to hear that there's no price given. Too bad, but then again, maybe it's best that you don't know...
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"The name says it all, you know it will kick a--. Too bad for me its on a SAS interface. I wonder how well they can do with a version on Sata 3. oH well, The price of the 1.6TB I dont wanna know"


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I am sure it will be in the 2K range?

Glad to see them admit that 1TB can be done, now they just need to stop yanking our crank and come out with a 1.5Tb SSD special at Frys for around 200!

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