October, Not September: Latest iPhone 5 Launch Rumor

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News Posted: Mon, Aug 1 2011 11:17 PM
It's the start of a new week, and the next-generation iPhone still isn't here, which means it's time for another new iPhone 5 rumor. This one pushes back the date of the launch (not announcement, mind you) to October.

The latest rumor comes from AllThingsD, via a typical anonymous sources situation. Word is that even if the reports of AT&T blacking out vacation times during the last two weeks of September are true, it's not about the iPhone.

The source said, “I don’t know why AT&T’s calling for all hands on deck those weeks, but it’s not for an iPhone launch.” Instead, the source said, the iPhone will launch in October, and although he declined to give further information than that, other sources told AllThingsD it would be later in the month, perhaps the second half of October.

As with any upcoming iPhone launch, customers who might want an upgrade are salivating. In addition, those who need or want a new phone right now are probably a little annoyed as they continue to mull over a new purchase.

It's still possible that AT&T is preparing for an iPhone launch that is coming in October. In reality, perhaps even Apple CEO Steve Jobs does not know when the iPhone 5 will be released. It's probable that it will not launch until iOS 5 is released, and while that still isn't complete, it will be soon.
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Of what year? :P

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AKwyn replied on Wed, Aug 3 2011 11:59 AM

Ah, Apple Rumors... The technology news equivalent to celebrity gossip.


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realneil replied on Wed, Aug 3 2011 12:05 PM

Apple Rumors... The technology news equivalent to celebrity gossip.

That's no kidding. I quit listening to them years ago.

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